Greedy Balloon Grab Game
Supplies: Balloons and greedy guests!

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun and complicated, well that is the case with Greedy Balloon Grab. This DIY game involves lots of balloons and the challenge of picking them up.

Greedy Balloon Grab Game Prep, Rules & Play
1. Blow up 20 balloons and you may want to have a few extra off to the side just in case some of the balloons in play pop.

2. Let guest know you are going to play the Greedy Balloon Grab where each player will have 30 seconds to pick up and hold as many balloons as possible.

3. Important Rules
– Players cannot place balloons in their clothing.
– Players cannot trap a balloon between a piece of furniture, door or wall.
– Players can place balloons between their legs or under their arms.
– When time is up – Player must have control of the balloons they are holding.
If they POP a balloon during their turn, they lose points.

4. Score each players total number of balloons. One Balloon = 1 point and One Popped Balloon = -1 point.

5. The player with the most points wins and if there is a tie, all tie players play again but this time they only get 15 seconds to pick up as many balloons as possible. If there is another tie reduce the time to 10 seconds and play again. Continue until you have a winner.