Balloon Booty or Bust Game
Supplies: Balloons, garden cane or piece of wood that you can put a pin on, garden netting/net, high place to hang, adult supervision, Option – rain poncho to protect kids clothes.

This pinata like game can either offer rewards or regret, but make sure the guests are prepared or they could be all wet. A novel game that you can play as individuals or play as teams. This game works well for pirate themed parties.

Balloon Booty or Bust Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need balloons, candy, and water.

b. Take the balloons and fill half with some water (not full like a water balloon) and others with wrapped candy and treats. Then proceed to blow them up to normal size  Take wide-spaced netting (needs to allow for candy to fall through) and hang from a tree or high place, above the game play area.

c. Add balloons after hanging the net.

d. Now divide the kids into two teams and the first child from team 1 comes up and is spun around 3 times and then given the garden cane and told to pop one of the balloons. If they pop an air filled balloon they get the pirate’s booty (candy) and if they pop the water filled one they get wet. If needed, kid’s can where a poncho to protect clothes.

e. For teams you can add point values to the balloons. Balloon with candy 1 point and Balloon with water -1 point. Then the team with the most points wins.

Note: The spinning will make this more difficult then just standing their, however you can make it more difficult by blindfolding the participants.

Thanks Esther for this game suggestion