Clean Your Room Party Game
Supplies: Socks, rice, fence (curtain or some divider), outdoor area

Cleaning your room is a never ending process and Cleaning Your Room party game is just as challenging as you never seem to get it clean fast enough! Teams play against each other trying to clean their space best within the time limit.

Another name for this game can be Toss the Poop. It is fun for pet owners and kids giggle when they here it, but just make sure there is no actual poop in the yard you play in.

Clean Your Room Party Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need 2- 3 socks (or toss-able items) for each player, some rice and a fence or some sort of divider.
– Fill each sock with rice or beans, about 1/3 full and tie a knot in them. Another option that allows for less after game clean up is to just stuff a sock within a sock to bulk it up – however, you then need more socks and kids might toss them out of the playing area.
– You’ll need a fence or some sort of divider, consider stringing a line from one tree to another if you have no other options and place a sheet over the line. Basically you want a visible barrier that the kids most throw things over.

b. Set a boundary area so that socks stay in the playing area rather than ending up in another yard.

c. Place kids on each side of fence (rope) and place the same amount of socks on each side. Now the kids need to clean their room by taking the socks they have and throwing them over the fence so their room is clean. While this is happening, the other team is doing the same thing so the room is getting clean and dirty at the same time.

d. Now the kids must scramble to get the socks and toss them back over the fence. Play for 2 or 3 minutes or if one sides room is totally clean during game play.

Game Rule: Socks thrown outside they playing area count against the other team (the team that tossed the socks out) so if someone has a strong arm and tosses the socks out of play then it hurts their team, plus this stops kids from just randomly tossing socks in any direction.

e. Scoring – Count the number of socks in each team’s room and write down that number. Then count any socks tossed out of bounds from the other team and add points from the other team. Then the team with the lowest score wins.

Quick Note: We have found that some kids might toss a sock out of bounds in order to penalize the other team. So one have an adult watch and or two just tell the kids that if a sock is out of bounds it is out of play.

A fun game for birthday parties, family picnics or groups.