Barnyard Animal Game – Kid’s Party Game
Supplies: Peanuts, bags, noisy kids

This is a fun animal noises game that will have kids running around, making noises and working together as a team. Don’t have peanuts, no problem consider wrapped bite-sized candies instead.

Barnyard Animal Game Prep & Play
a. In advance of the game, hide peanuts around the room, yard or game area. Some should be easy to find and other more difficult, the older the kids are the more difficult you should make it to find the peanuts in this party game.

b. Divide the group into teams of 3 or 4 players. Now each team will be given an animal name, so select animals that make unique noises like cows, pigs, ducks, cats, roosters, turkeys, donkeys or dogs.

c. One person on each team is selected as the captain and is given a bag.

d. teams are informed that when the Game Host say “Go,” players will go in the game play area (room(s)/outdoor space) and begin searching for peanuts.

e. Now the teams must hunt for the peanuts as a team but the only person who can pick up the peanuts is the captain. If someone on their team spots a peanut the team member must point it out by making their team’s animal sound. Note: The team captain cannot go around and hunt for peanuts themselves.

f. Once the captain hears the animal call, them go to that team member and then pick up the candy and then listens for the next teammate to make the animal sounds.

g. Play for 3 or 4 minutes and then announce “Barn Animals Back to the Barn.”

h. No proceed to count the number of peanuts each team found and the team with the highest score wins. If playing with candy, divide the candy among the team.

It’s hilarious watching and hearing everybody pointing and quacking, meowing, heehawing, mooing, cock-a-doodling, barking at the same time. While young kids do play this game, it is sometimes more fun to watch older kids and even adults play this Barnyard game at birthday and harvest parties.