Animal Escape – Curious George Themed Game
Supplies: Animal print outs or words on paper, music

In the book Curious George gets a Medal. Curious George lets all the animals escape.

In this Curious George type game, one person (Birthday Boy or Girl), must discover what animal each guest is in order to get them back home safely.

This game is perfect for a Curious George party, but can work for any party. Let everyone know that it is time to play a game and then announce that are friend, Curious George has let the animals escape from the farm or zoo.

Then tell the guests that the Birthday boy or girl is going to help George find the animals and get them back home. Now ask the Birthday boy or girl to go to another room until you call for him.

Now tell your guests that you are going to give them an animal name or picture and that they will be that animal. Hand out the pieces of paper and ask if everyone knows the animal they have and knows something about that animal. If the answer is no, then consider swapping animals with another child or have extras.

Then let them know that the Birthday person will ask you a question about your animal and you can responds with the answer yes or no.

Example: Does your animal have wings? Yes or No

After the question the Birthday person has one guess (per round) to determine what animal you are. If they get the answer correct then that player goes to the safety (home) area. This can be a couch or table. The last animal that is remains escaped is the winner.
FYI – With young children it is okay to coach them if they don’t know much about the animals.

Now it is time to play, bring the Birthday boy or girl back into the room and let them know that Curious George has let the animal escape and you are here to help.

When we play music the animals roam freely around the room but when the music stop they must stop where they are. Then the Birthday boy or girl is allowed to ask each guest one yes or no question about the animal and if you get it right, the animals go safety home and if not the animals are free to roam.

After each round of questions, play music for about 30 seconds and then continue with the next round. Continue until you have all the animal home safe, however the last animal to get home safely wins a prize.