St. Patrick’s Day Charades & Pictionary

77 printable St. Patrick’s Day Charade ideas to celebrate our favorite Irish holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day is the biggest Irish holiday of the year for many who celebrate it. However much of the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day involves parades and adults going out to bar, pubs and clubs to enjoy green beer, Guinness, and adult beverages.

We want everyone to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day so we research and thought up 77 Irish & St. Patrick’s Day Charades. Our St. Patrick’s Day charades and pictionary includes over 50 charade cards for all ages and about 15 charades that include beer, whiskey, and Irish bar song.

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Charades
Our Irish / St. Patrick’s Day Charades has 77 charade cards and 4 blank cards so you can add your own charades. These charades tend to be 1, 2 and 3 word combinations and harder terms are often compound words. Just purchase, the PDF file will be emailed to you, print, cut out cards and get ready to play. Adobe needed to print file.

St. Patrick's Day Charades & PictionaryIrish / St. Patrick’s Day Charades
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Our Irish & St. Patrick’s Day Charades is perfect for weekend gatherings, clubs, dinner parties, neighborhood events and families. What is great about our charades game is that we offer the basic Irish charades, but then we also include Irish food, locations, activities, books, and things related to Ireland. We also added explanation to terms like “Titanic” that note that the Titanic was built in Belfast. This helps tie some of the more abstract charades to Ireland.

An add bonus is that St. Patrick’s Day Charades game also can be played Pictionary style too, as a drawing game. So while you may purchase it for our Irish / St. Paddy’s Charades, you can use it for several types of party games.

Party Game Ideas created St. Patrick’s Day Charades because we could not find a good list of Irish charades online. Our party game is fun for families and friends and it offers something different to do on St. Patrick’s Day and with these charades you might even learn a little bit about Ireland.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Charades is recommended for kids 8 and older. There are about 50 charades for 8 years and older, but we admit that some of the charade / pictionary cards are challenging. We recommend that you go through the charades and pull any that might be to hard for them.

Between 15 – 20 of the charades are a bit more adult oriented and involve drinking, whiskey, authors and locations in Ireland. These add to the games challenge. And for fun, we recommend that you add in your own St. Patrick’s Day charades to the mix. Local Irish pubs, eateries, and any St. Patrick’s family traditions can be easily be added to your game.

Useful Tips on Playing Charades
Use these common actions to help your team have a better chance of guessing your charade.
A Song: Pretend to sing.
A Movie: Crank an old fashioned movie camera.
Identify the Number of Words: Hold up the number of fingers in the phrase.
Then if acting out the 1st word hold up, one finger, if 2nd word then hold up two fingers and so on. If your charade Sounds Like something you are acting out: Pull on ear.

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