July 4th Charades & Drawing Game Cards

114 July 4th Charades to Celebrate Family, Fun and Independence Day!

Celebrate America’s Birthday with fun! Our July 4th Charades and Pictionary like Draw It game is perfect for gatherings of family and friends. This is the perfect game to for USA’s Independence Day and includes historical charades, fourth of July traditions cards, fireworks, food and activities that go along with the July 4th holiday.

Our July 4th Charades / Pictionary can be played before you watch the fireworks, after your picnic or during your family reunion/gathering event. You can use these fourth of July themed cards to play charades, pictionary, hedbanz, and other games. See below for blog post on different games to play with these charade cards.

Printable July 4th Charades
July 4th Charades has 114 charade cards and 6 blank cards so you can add your own charades. Just purchase, the PDF file will be emailed to you, print, cut out cards and get ready to play charades or draw it. Adobe needed to print file.

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This July 4th Charades & Pictionary like Draw It game provides you with 114 charade cards ideas that are ready to play. Plus, you can add charade cards to include your hometown’s and family’s fourth of July traditions. This game is perfect for dinner parties, family reunions, picnics, pre-fireworks fun, birthday parties, vacations, and any time friends and families want something fun to do on independence Day.

We think you’ll enjoy our July 4th charades game because we hit on a variety of holiday words and phrases that include items concerning the Revolutionary War, Signing of the Declaration of Independence, holiday traditions, food, and activities.

Some of the charades in our game our complex and may prove to be difficult. The game is recommended for those 12 years and older. If you want more generic summer terms that do not include July 4th terms consider checking out our Summer Charades game.

An added bonus is that our charades game can be played as a drawing game like Pictionary. In fact, the video at the bottom of the page showcases how you can use our July 4th Charades game to play over 10 different games with the same charade cards. Great ideas so you can get more fun out of your printable game.

Party Game Ideas created July 4th Charades, because we enjoy playing charades and our customers asked us to create something just for this holiday.

We found other July 4th charade card packs include all the original colonies, 10-15 of the guys that signed the Declaration of Independence and words that aren’t fun to act out like, commemorate. Yes commemorate is an important term, but who wants to act it out? If you want those terms you can add them. 🙂

However, we wanted fun, words and phrases that will challenge and make your game fun. Some of our charade and pictionary cards are really hard and others really easy, but that is part of the fun. You can always review the card, before play to make sure they fit your group.

Tips for Using the Blank Charades Cards
Party Game Ideas provides you with 114 July Charades and Draw It cards, but we can’t cover every topic so we include blank cards. You can print as many blank cards as you need.

Vacation Terms
Planning a July 4th vacation to the beach, mountains or city? Well add charade terms that will apply to your vacation activities. Zip-Line, Whale Watching, Paddleball, Deep Sea Fishing, Rocky Mountains, Art Museum and so on can be added to the cards to add a personal touch to your game.

Family Reunions & Gathering
Consider adding foods, events, or activities that are part of your 4th of July celebration.

Add Regional Event & Traditions
Have a local parade, craft festival, pioneer days, run, auto show and event that is local to your area, then have fun by adding that card to your game. Players will be surprised and delighted to see that local event and then have fun acting it out.

Our 4th of July Charades and Pictionary printable game, with 114 charade cards, is ready to play, but you are always invited to add your charade cards to make to unique to your party or event. This July 4th Charades game is recommended for kids 12 and older.

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