Flower Meanings – Printable Trivia Matching Game

20 Flowers and their secret meanings. Fun challenge for those who love gardening and flowers.

Looking for a fun challenge for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or just a girl’s night in, then consider our Meaning of Flowers game. This game was inspired by the Victorian Age when flowers rose to prominence among the upper classes and the flowers were given specific meanings in order to send message to those who got them. While few think about the message of the flowers that they said today, it is fun to see the hidden meaning behind flowers.

Our Meaning of Flowers game includes 20 flowers and the corresponding meaning. Since some flowers can have more than one meaning, we tried to select the most prominent one that was unique to that flower. Guests will be able to match a few right away, but then things will get challenging, but we think with some deduction most guests should to match at least 10 or more. right.

Printable The Meaning of Flowers
Party Game Ideas The Meaning of Flowers has 20 flowers and corresponding flower meanings that must be matched correctly in order to win.  Just purchase, download and print and the PDF file.

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Our Meaning of Flowers printable game is a fun floral trivia game that highlights the secret / hidden meaning of flowers that came into existence during the Victorian Age. Friend and family can test their knowledge to see if they know what Rose, Daisy, Pink Carnation and other flowers represent. A fun trivia game about flowers.

While our The Meaning of Flowers isn’t tied to a specific holiday or event, we think it can work for the follow holidays, groups and social occasions.
Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day
Garden Club, Flower Clubs, Social Clubs
Anniversary Party, Bridal Shower, Birthdays

Estimated Length of Florida Words Scramble: 10 – 15 minutes

While anyone can play our Meaning of Flowers trivia game, this printable game is best enjoyed by those who have or may have an interest in flowers. This is important because if guests know a little bit about flowers and plants, they can make an educated guess on the match based on the flowers attributes.  

We had fun creating and designing our Meaning of Flowers printable game. We went with a Victorian style with a wallpaper look so that it invokes the beauty of a time when people spent more time creating elaborate gardens and putting deep thought into send flowers with hidden messages.

We hope you enjoy our The Meaning of Flowers game and have a great time with friends and family. We invite you to come back and see us again for all your party game needs.