Flower Word Scramble – Printable Unscramble Game

28 Flowers names that have been scrambled. See who can unscramble these floral terms first.

We love flowers and word scrambles, so we decided to put them together in a fun game where you have to see how fast you can unscramble these flowers. A challenging and fun for social groups, garden and flower clubs, Mother’s Day events, and gatherings with friends and family.

Our Flower Word Scramble includes 28 flowers that are all mixed up. We thought it would be pretty easy, but it is a bit of a challenge and even more so when there is a time limit. And there is more than our printable unscramble the word game, you also get the Meaning of Flowers game in this 2 game pack.

Printable Flower Word Scramble
Party Game Ideas Flower Word Scramble has 28 flowers that must be unscrambled in order to win.  Just purchase, download and print and the PDF file.

Flower Word Scramble Game
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Our Flower Word Scramble includes common flowers like rose, daisy, and daffodil, but has harder terms like azalea and cornflower too. We would recommend this printable game for those that have some knowledge of flowers, as it might be difficult for those that don’t pay attention to flowers.

While our Flower Word Scramble isn’t tied to a specific holiday or event, we think it can work for the follow holidays, groups and social occasions.
Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day
Garden Club, Flower Clubs, Social Clubs
Anniversary Party, Bridal Shower, Birthdays

Estimated Length of Florida Words Scramble: 10 – 15 minutes

Our Flower Word Scramble is sure to give pause even to those who work in the floral industry. While all the letters are there, unscrambling them can often be daunting. We gave one of our good friends the list who is a florist and she got them all but it took her just over 9 minutes. So we imagine that most guests will be able to get around 14-18 in five minutes.

Game Tip
If there are people struggling, select a few flowers to offer hints or clues as to part or all of the word. Example: Cornflower – “It’s harvested in the fall,” “Often said to be knee high by July,” and so on. It can be a hint for what part of the word is.

If you do give hints, limit it to just 3-5 words as those that know the words might get perturbed you are giving away the answers.

We had fun creating and designing our Flower Word Scramble, we went with a Victorian style with a wallpaper feel so that it invokes the beauty of nature and a time when people spent more time enjoying gardening and the beauty of flowers.

We hope you enjoy our Flower Word Scramble and can share special memories with your friends and family. And come back and see us again for all your party game needs.