123 Summer Forbidden Words – a Taboo Like Game

Say the wrong word and you’ll get buzzed! 123 Summer Forbidden word your team must guess, but you can’t use.

Summer’s here and that means dinner parties, cookouts, and time with friends or family. Well our Summer taboo like game, Forbidden Words, will have your guests and family members frustrated in a fun way. Guests will need to choose their words wisely to win our competitive word guessing game. Our summer taboo like party game comes with 123 printable summer related game cards.

Please know their are No July 4th Terms in this game, only summer terms.

This is a fun and entertaining Summer game for kids 12 and up and adults. Our taboo like game includes 123 game cards and 9 blank game cards, so you can add your summer themed words. We worked hard to create a diverse mix of terms that range from miniature golf, squirt gun, cotton candy to hammock and more.

Printable Summer Forbidden Words Game
Party Game Ideas Summer taboo like game provides 123 game cards and 9 blank cards that will have players speechless as they try give clues to their teammates so they can guess the forbidden word. Purchase and the PDF file link will be emailed to you.

Summer Taboo Like Game
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Our Summer Forbidden Words is a Taboo like game offers a great mix of Summer words and phrases that include activities, things, and a few events that take place during summer. Before game play, we recommend that you review all the Forbidden Words printable game cards to make sure that they work for your party guests.

Estimated Length of our Summer Forbidden Words: 15 – 30 minutes
Recommended for Ages 12 yrs and older

When putting this printable Summer Taboo like game, Forbidden Words, together we wanted to make a diverse mix of items and activities that occur in summer. So instead of ten golf, baseball, or swimming pool terms, we worked to include fun mix of terms and 9 blank cards so you can add baseball, soccer, beach, or other words that apply to your group and event.

We did not include any July 4th or firework references in this game, but will offer a holiday version this summer.

Ways to Play our printable Summer Forbidden Words game
a. Basic Taboo Rules
If you have never played this word guessing game, the traditional taboo game has players picking a card and trying to get team member to guess the word on their game card, without using the taboo (5 words) terms. If a player uses the main word or a taboo term then they are buzzed and earn a point for the other team.

b. One Word – One Guess
Another game you can play with these printable cards is One Word – One Guess game. (This is the reverse of the Taboo game.) This can work for smaller groups and 2-4 teams of 3-4 players. A team member grabs a card and is allowed to say 1 word from the list or a single word of their choice, then their team is allowed 1 chance to guess the Summer word. If they get the answer correct on the first turn they get 3 points, after a second term is given 2 points and if they get to a third word they can earn 1 point. If they don’t get the word after 3 turns (word clues) then no points can be earned and the next team takes their turn. Play until each team player has gone one or two times.

c. Summer Speed Forbidden Words
This game follows the basic taboo game premise, however each player is given 1 minute to get through as many Forbidden Words game cards as they can. This is fast paced Summer game rules are as follows.
– Divide into 2 teams. Each player has one minute to get through as many game cards as possible. The Team must guess the card correctly before moving on to the next card, no skipping cards. So you can get 2, 3 or more points in a turn.
– If someone uses a Forbidden Word term or part to the main word, their turn is over.
– Each player gets one turn and once everyone has gone score the correct answers and the team with the most points wins.

You can always add more rounds to your game.

This is a fun fast paced Summer taboo variation that we enjoy playing.

Click here to purchase our printable Summer Taboo like game. Enjoy challenging your party guests, family and friends to fun and Thank You for letting us be part of your summer party!