Printable Superhero Secret Identity Match Game

Match 26 comic book heroes to their lesser known secret identities to win this superhero themed party game.

Comic books have always been around and superheroes are now such a part of our pop culture that upcoming movie and tv show leaks are big news and comic book heroes often top the streamed show rankings and biggest movies of the year.

But do we really know who these heroes are? Who are the men and women who hide behind the costume and the heroes cape? Well now you and your friends can finally decide who is the most knowledgeable superhero trivia master with our printable Secret Identities match game.

We pulled together 26 superheroes from across the DC and Marvel universe and revealed their true identities, all you have to do is match them up. Some are easy like Batman, Superman, and Captain America, but some will grind players brains to a halt as the time ticks down and they begin to sweat over who is Psylocke and Squirrel Girl. The good news is the answers are provided, the bad news is a wrong answer could cost players the game.

Printable Comic Book Heroes Secret Identity Match
Our printable Secret Identities game is best enjoyed by comic book and superhero fans that are 12 and older. Guest must match the secret identity name to the correct / best fitting comic hero to win. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you, then print and play.

Comicbook Heroes Secret Identities Printable Trivia GameSuperheroes Secret Identities Game
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Our printable super hero trivia game includes a mix of popular and well known comic character and some lesser known heroes that have yet to have their own tv show or movie. For those who are die-hard comic book fans, this might be considered a slight challenge, but for those who catch the big movies, watch tv series about comic books and read a comic every now and then; this is a good test of your knowledge and you are likely to be left with 6 – 10 names that you may not know.

Yes, we could have gone with all the Avengers, big name X-Men and the top DC characters, but why make it easy. Tony Stark would want your knowledge to be challenged and tested to see if you can succeed. So grab your friends, print out our Secret Identities game, and so who is worthy to wear the Superhero trivia crown. (Which if you want a real crown you must purchase it yourself.)

Just in case two or more of your party guests score the same number of point. The Secret Identities answer key includes the correct answers and three different tie-breaker questions for you.

Comic Book Heroes Secret Identity Match Review & Game Play Options
We had a several groups of people play our trivia game and most found it more challenging than expected. Most quickly assigned answers to 15 of the characters and then things slowed down. While they knew characters from the movies, they were 100% sure about their names. Most got a few more and then were left with about 6-8 names that they guessed the answers. The end result was we had no one score 100%, but we did have two people score 21 and so we played a tie-breaker.

• This match game is more challenging than most, so we recommend that the game be a minimum of 5 minutes. FYI – We added two additional minutes on to our game because people weren’t finished within the time limit.

• If your friends or family are superhero and comic book trivia experts, this printable secret identities quiz might been seen as only moderately challenging and recommend you play first to finish with all the correct answers wins.

• This game is very versatile and played at a slumber party before watching a Marvel movie, at Halloween costume parties, a birthday super hero themed party or event, or among friends and family  looking for a new game night trivia challenge. Please know that kids under 12 can play the game and that it wil be challenging for them. If playing with younger kids, consider playing in teams that pair younger kids with adults. This way you can play together.

Length of time to play and score Comic Book Heroes Secret Identity Trivia Match – 12 to 18 minutes.

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