Thanksgiving Turkey Pluck Game

Silly, fun, feather stealing Thanksgiving game for kids, friends and families.

Turkey Pluck is our first game, that isn’t geared towards parties. In fact, it is made for 3-6 players. We know their are fewer large gatherings and wanted something that families and small groups of friends could play during the Thanksgiving holiday. While you can play Turkey Pluck anytime of year, it lends itself best to Thanksgiving.

Turkey Pluck is a fun game where your goal is to be the first person to get all of the feathers on your turkey. It sounds easy but watch out as other players “Pluck” your turkey feathers in their effort to win! provides the Turkey Feathers, Turkey Sheets and the game prep, rules and instructions via a printable pdf. You will need to supply 3 dice in order to play the game. We borrowed them from our Yahtzee game.

Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Pluck Game
Party Game Ideas Turkey Pluck game includes Turkey Feather cards from 1-12, Skip and No Pluck Cards, Turkey Sheets (2 different designs) and game rules. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you.

Thanksgiving Turkey Pluck Game
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Feather Sheet
With numbered feathers, Skip Turn, & No Pluck Cards
Turkey Sheets – Choose from a Turkey with or without a hat
Game Rules

IMPORTANT – 3 Dice are needed for this game.
You must Supply the Dice
You must print and cut out the game cards. 

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Our Thanksgiving Turkey Pluck game is the perfect game for kids, families, and friends. It is a competitive game where players must pull feathers from their hand or pluck them from the other turkeys in order to win.

This game involves rolling 3 dice and then laying cards from your hand or stealing them from other players. There is math involved, so we recommend this game for kids 8 years and older.

To make game play interesting we added Skip Turn and No Pluck cards to the game. The Skip is the perfect card to play if someone is just about to win or if you think they might pluck one of your favorite feathers. The No Pluck card will stop feather pluckers in their tracks and leave them empty handed. Choose when to use these cards wisely, or your Turkey Pluck strategy may just go afoul.

Estimated Length of Thanksgiving Drink If: 10 – 20 minutes
Recommend for kids 8 years and older

Turkey Pluck video – Our Thanksgiving themed game.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family and friends to get together, but party games don’t always work for family gatherings. So came up with our first small group game, that is intended for 3-6 players.

Turkey Pluck is a simple concept, fill your Turkey Sheet with all 12 feathers. However getting those feathers becomes a bit more difficult as other players steal them in order to complete their bird.

While we provide the feathers and the turkeys, you provide 3 dice which help determine which feathers can be placed on your turkey. We recommend that an adult be present during the first game, to explain any questions and go over the rules. Once they have a game under belt, that is when the fun and feather plucking begins.

Turkey Pluck may be the most fun you have with a turkey all year. Games tend to run 10-15 minutes, but can run longer with 6 players. It is a fast paced, dice rolling game that can easily be played while watching the Macy’s Parade, waiting for the turkey to be done, or to keep the kids busy but off their phones.

Please know that Turkey Pluck is a printable Thanksgiving game for kids and families and does involve some work. You will need to print out the Turkey Feather cards and cut them out. Each Turkey Feather sheet has 14 cards which must be cut out. This takes a few minutes, but once that step is complete you’ll be ready to Turkey Pluck without any delay.

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving and add our Thanksgiving Turkey Pluck game to your holiday.