Summer Charades & Drawing Game

135 Summer charade cards perfect for family, friends and game night fun.

Summer Charades and Draw It is the perfect summertime dinner party game, beach vacation activity, family reunion ice-breaker and party game for any summer gathering. Get ready for a fun mix of common, odd and fun to act out or draw words and phrases. IMPORTANT: No cards reference the “July 4th holiday”.

Our Summer Charades / Pictionary like game contains lots of compound words and activities that allow for a more interesting charades game. So instead of including baseball, we used home run and short stop to represent America’s pastime. Plus with the extra blank cards, you can add words and phrases that apply to a beach vacation, sport, family reunion terms, or hobbies that apply to your family or group of friends. See charades ideas you can add below.

Printable Summer Charades
This Summer Charades has 135 charade cards and 9 blank cards so you can add your own charades. Just purchase, the PDF file will be emailed to you, print, cut out cards and get ready to play charades or draw it. Adobe needed to print file.

Summer Charades & Pictionary
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Our Summer Charades & Draw It is perfect for dinner parties, family reunions, sleepovers, birthday parties, vacations, and any time friends and families want something fun to do.

We think you’ll enjoy our summer charades game because we hit on a variety of summertime events and activities including camping, going to the beach, hanging out at the pool, summer weather, yard works and more. We really tried to to use a unique mix of words so that kids and adults can break down the words and act them out. Sure we could have used the word floaties, but we thought water wings would be more entertaining and fun to watch, and that is how we approached making our Summer Charades game.

An added bonus is that our Summer Charades game can be played as a drawing game like Pictionary. In fact, the video at the bottom of the page showcases how you can use our Summer Charades game to play a variety of games with the same charade cards. Great ideas so you can get more fun out of your printable game.

Party Game Ideas created Summer Charades because we could not find a diverse list of summer charades online. Plus, there are so many summer activities, family gatherings and events that occur that we had to make a Summer Charades game.

IMPORTANT – There are No July 4th charades in this game, it is more general summertime terms.

Tips for Using the Blank Charades Cards
Party Game Ideas provides you with 135 Summer Charades and Draw It cards, but we can’t cover every summer topic so we include blank cards. You can print as many blank cards as you need.

Vacation Terms
Planning a vacation to the beach, mountains or city? Well add charade terms that will apply to your vacation activities. Zip-Line, Whale Watching, Paddleball, Deep Sea Fishing, Rocky Mountains, Art Museum and so on can be added to the cards to add a personal touch to your game.

Family Reunion
Consider adding locations like states where family members live, hobbies, jobs, or sports they family members enjoy or do, family relationship terms like second-cousins, and activities that may occur during the reunion.

Social Groups – Sports – Hobbies
People have a lot of social groups that connect them. These often include sports and hobbies. While we tried to touch on some of the more popular sports and hobbies, you can add more focused terms about baseball, golf or hiking or you can add new sport and hobby terms.

Our Summer Charades and Pictionary printable game, with 135 charade cards, is ready to play, but you are always invited to add your charade cards to make to unique to your party or event. Summer Charades game is recommended for kids 10 and older.

Most of the charades will work for those 10 and older, however we recommend that it may be helpful to go through and pull any charades that might be to difficult for your group.

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