Marshmallow Mouth – Chubby Bunny Games
Supplies: Marshmallows, (option: cotton balls), words, phrases to say

Marshmallow Mouth and Chubby Bunny are the entertaining guessing game that makes common words and phrases hard to understand. The games are slightly different but you can play these party games as individuals or in teams. We recommend that Marshmallow Mouth – Chubby Bunny be played by adults.

This game often played while camping, at a campfire and sleepovers, but you can play it anywhere as long as you have marshmallows and people willing to be silly.

Important Warning:
This game has players placing marshmallows or cotton balls in their cheeks and talking. Over stuffing the mouth could be a choking hazard.. We recommend that the game be played by Adults Only and that marshmallows or cotton balls be limited to 4 to 6 pieces at most.

At our house, Marshmallow Mouth and Chubby Bunny are similar but slightly different. We like to use charades cards to play these games, but Chubby Bunny is played saying Chubby Bunny or a tongue twister. Check out the games and then play the game that best matches your event.

Marshmallow Mouth
Game Prep:
You’ll need one or two bags of regular marshmallows and a bowl or pile of charade cards.

Marshmallow Mouth Game Play & Rules
a. Divide the group into 2 teams
b. Inform them that they are going to play Marshmallow Mouth, where 1 player places a set amount of marshmallows (we have always done 4, but you can go up one or down one) in their mouth and must get their team to understand and correctly guess as many words or phrases as possible within 30 seconds.
c.  Decide on which team goes first, and have the first player take a seat 10 feet in front of their team and place the marshmallows in their mouth.
d. Inform them that spitting out, having a marshmallow fly out of their mouth, or chewing a marshmallow will end their turn.
e. They can position the marshmallows with their fingers before their turn but not during game play.
f. Once the player is set, the game host says “Go,” and the player grabs a charades card and reads the item on the card. Their team tries to guess what they are saying and as soon as they do they can more on to the next card. You cannot skip a card.

IMPORTANT – You want every person on the team to have a turn to play the game. So if have 50 charades and 10 people and After the 1st Round each of the first two people get 10 charades each you won’t have enough charades to finish the game.

You have some options a. Decrease the time to 20 seconds. b. Increase the marshmallow count by one. c. Once the charade cards are all used mix them up and play with them again.

g. Once a player completes their turn. Record how many they got correct. Now the other takes their turn. The game continues until every player of each team has gone at least once. Sometimes one member of a team will need to go twice, if the teams are uneven. The team with the highest score wins.


Chubby Bunny
Chubby Bunny Games

Chubby Bunny Game Prep: Pretty simple you need a bunch marshmallows or cotton balls and a variety of challenging phrases. Tongue twisters often work well because they are difficult to say normally, and they are more changing to say with marshmallows in your mouth! Other times people just use the phrase “Chubby Bunny” as the phrase to repeat.

Here are some tongue twisters to get you started.
I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice scream.
Sally sells seashells by the seashore.
She threw three free throws.
Chester the Cheetah chews a chunk of cheap cheddar cheese.

How to Play Chubby Bunny & Rules
a. Inform players How to play Chubby Bunny and the Rules of your Chubby Bunny Game
b. Share the tongue twister that everyone in the group is going to repeat. Example: “She threw three free throws.” Then have everyone repeat it without anything in their mouth.
c. Now allow everyone to grab a marshmallow and place it in their mouth.
d. One at a time, each player says “She threw three free throws.”
e. If the player says the phrase clearly and the group understands that person, they remain in the game. If the phrase is said incorrectly or you cannot understand the person they are out of the game.
f. KEY RULES – Also if a player spits out a marshmallow, one flies out of their mouth or they chew a marshmallow during play the are OUT of the game. Once a player is out of the game, they can spit their marshmallows out in the trash.
g. Once everyone has complete round one, then each player adds a second marshmallow to their mouth and the process continues with each person repeating the words or phrase.
IMPORTANT – Once you get past the first few rounds, talking becomes more difficult. We recommend and the group may be split on whether someone should stay in the game or not. Consider going with hand symbols for a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down vote, where the majority wins.
h. After each round a marshmallow is added to a players mouth until one person is left in the game or you hit a pre-set marshmallow limit like 4 or 5 and then anyone left wins.

Variation – Chubby Bunny Elimination
a. In this version of Chubby Bunny, you have 5 players and a phrase that each person must complete. Like the original Chubby Bunny they cannot spit out or chewy their marshmallows or they are out of the game. Once eliminated the marshmallows should be placed in the trash.
b. You have at least 2 judges to start, that will critique each players performance.
c. The players are giving a phrase to say and are told they must say it as clearly as possible with marshmallows in their mouth.
d. Round 1 – They are given a marshmallow to put in their mouth and one by one each player is given the opportunity to repeat the phrase.
e. The Judges then review if the phrase was said incorrectly or they didn’t understand what someone said, and eliminate the player they felt did the worst.
f. Round 2 – The eliminated player becomes a Judge and the remaining 4 players add one more marshmallow to their mouth and repeat the phrase again.
g. The Chubby Bunny Judges review what they heard and select someone to be eliminated from the round.
h. That eliminated player becomes a judge and the process of adding marshmallow after each round continues until you crown your Chubby Bunny Champion.

Since you have only 5 players per round, you can play several times and have the winners of each round play in the Chubby Bunny Finals!

*** While some Chubby Bunny games encourage you to place as many marshmallow in your mouth as possible, we do not. Do not overstuff your mouth with marshmallows as it can be dangerous.