Social Distancing Drink If Game
Supplies: Printable game, printer, friends, video chat and drinks

We are spending less and less time together as more of us practicing Social Distancing. However just because we are practicing social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t get together for fun and share a drink or two and catch up.

With the emergence of virtual happy hours and video chats among friends, we were ask by one of our customers to create a Social Distancing Drink If game so that those that are under shelter in place or stay at home orders can have fun, share a beverage and talk about what is going on without talking about all the bad news.

We created Social Distancing Drink If to relieve some stress and have people enjoy some fun together. Our printable game includes 91 Drink If cards that touch on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, fitness, virtual tours, playing games, crafting, breaking social distancing rules and more.

Why We Created This Game
The goal of our Social Distancing game is not to drink to get drunk, but to talk, share resources, see what other people are doing and feel less isolated while we stay at home. Our goal is to help bring people closer together in a fun way during this difficult time.

Printable Social Distancing Drink If…
Social Distancing Drink If game comes with 91 Drink If cards and 9 blank Drink If cards. Just purchase and the PDF file link will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Social Distancing Drink If GameSocial Distancing Drink If
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Social Distancing Drink If is perfect for
Virtual Happy Hours
Video Chat Parties
Laughing with your Friends
A reason to Open a Bottle of Wine
and remembering that We are All in this Together

Party Game Ideas Social Distancing Drink If game was created to bring people together. For many of us, we aren’t seeing friends and family like we were just a month ago. Bars and restaurants are close and video chats are the new norm.

What we heard from a few of our customers, was that they are doing video chat and virtual happy hours but not a lot is being said. Basically the conversations are more fluff than talking about stuff. Well one way you can talk about staying at home, stocking up, cleaning and doing things around home without going crazy is to through out this Drink If questions.

We worked hard to come up with a good mix of social distancing topics that can get people talking about things that they are doing or aren’t doing. Our Drink If statements include work, fitness, stocking-up, fitness, hobbies, shopping and more.

Plus we give you blank cards so you can add your own cards, to match your group. This way if you all have kids, you can mix in items about school or the community. This helps personalize the game.

You are given two options to play Social Distancing Drink If, place the cards in a bowl and pick out one at a time or number the cards and have guests pick a number to choose their Drink If card. With 91 different cards, you can play this game over several nights and cover enjoy discovering all of the cards.

Party Game Ideas hopes that you and your family remain safe during this tough time. Our Social Distancing Drink If game is meant to help keep adults from going stir crazy while staying at home and allow them to connect with friends while we are apart..