Game Show Bloopers, Answers, and Spoofs

Great list of game show bloopers that remind us, that games are made for fun.

Need a good laugh? Well we put together a variety of awesome game show clips that contain some of the best bloopers, terrible answers, funny answers, and spoofs that will make you laugh. These TV game show clips are from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s and include the The Dating Game, Family Feud, Match Game, Pyramid, Wheel of Fortune, and many more.

While this is not a party game blog post, it does remind us that sometimes people give odd answers and make mistakes when playing party games. It is often difficult for competitive players, not to get upset. Well show them some of these all-time favorite epic game shows fails and maybe they will learn to laugh enjoy play the games just for fun. sometimes more than 12 people.

Funny TV Game Show Bloopers, Answers, Spoofs

Family Feud – Funny but Terrible Answers
Will all know someone who gives bad answers when you are playing games. These Family Feud answers will make you laugh and chuckle.

Newlywed Game Funny Answers & Moments
Always a good chuckle, watching these classic Newlywed Game Clips.

Silly Password Game Show Moments
I never thought people said the clues, like in the SNL Skit, but there are a bunch of those moments at the end of this video.

SNL Super Showcase – Price is Right Spoof
This one always cracks me up and them too. I have always loved the Price is Right and the Showcase!

Classic Match Game Bloopers, Odd Moments from the 70s and some fun Betty White clips too!
If you like Match Game you’ll enjoy playing our Halloween Match Me, Christmas Match Me and Birthday Match Me printable games at your next party.

Funny TV Game Show Answers from a variety of Game Shows from the 1970s – 2010s.
Shows include Family Feud, Newlywed Game, Wheel of Fortune and more.

Best Pyramid Game Show Moments
Sometimes clues are hard to give, so always be kind to your fellow teammates.

British Game Show Catch Phrase – OMG, Love this One
The perfect example of things looking far worse than they really are.

Hollywood Squares – Funny Outtakes and Answers
Not so much bloopers, but funny answers to various questions.

SNL Secret Word – Password Spoof
Every once in a while we have party guests who always say the secret or forbidden words, so I had to include this one.

Fun Mix of Game Show Bloopers and Funny Moments from the 1970s – 2010s
This has a good mix of different games from the Dating Game, Family Feud, Name that Tune, and more

We hope you enjoyed our favorite TV Game Show Bloopers, Funny Answers and Spoofs
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Best Game Show Bloopers, Funny Answers, and Spoofs

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