St. Patrick’s Day Corners
Supplies: Music, Irish images and a room with corners

This St. Patrick’s Day game is great for kids as it has them moving around and the winner of this game is random.

You need a room with 4 corners and 4 images / pictures that relate to St. Patrick’s Day. If you are making your own images here are some ideas Irish flag, leprechaun, gold coin, four leaf clover.

Now place one St. Patrick’s Day / Irish image in each of the four corners. Now let the players know that when the music plays they can move around and when the music stops they needs to select a corner to go to.

Once the players have selected a corner, the music operator randomly pulls out an image of the corner out of a hat. All the players standing in that corner are then out of the game. Then start the music back up and so the kids are moving again and place the image back in the hat and repeat the process.

Play until there is a winner.
Kids will enjoy playing this game several times, so it is great whether you have 10 or 30 minutes to work with.