Find the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold 
Supplies: Paper, craft supplies or chocolate coins make sure two colors (gold and something else)

This treasure hunt style game will have your kids out in search of the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold.

Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold Game Preparation
a. You’ll need two different colored coins for this game. You can use chocolate coins or cut out circles out of construction paper and decorate to look like coins, then select 2 or 3 coins to be gold or silver coins. If you go will silver just wrap these in aluminum foil and they will look like shine coins.

b. You will need 3 – 5 coins per person. Select an area or room to hide the coins for your game. Depending on age you can make the coins easy or difficult to find, however you want to make your gold coins the hardest to find.

How to Play Find the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold
a. Share the story with your guests:
Leprechaun Willy was visiting this morning and shared a tail of woe. He was out the other day with his Pot of Gold when he was distracted by a rainbow. Well Leprechaun Willy wanted to see the rainbow so he put his Pot of Gold down to get a better look. While Willy was away some squirrels came upon his Pot of Gold and thought the coins in his pot were nuts and they took the coins and hid them.

When Willy returned he was shocked to see someone took all his gold and silver coins. Willy has been searching for his coins all day, but has yet to find them.

b. Now let the kids if they would like to help Willy the Leprechaun find his coins and that you remember seeing Willy in “the room or area where you hide the coins” and that Willy mentioned he lost a lot of coins and that a few were gold and if anyone finds the gold coins Willy is willing to give them a prize. (or you can give prizes based on the most coins too.)

This is a fun hide and seek game and you can play more than once and if you use chocolate coins the kids get to eat them.