Who Knows the Irish Songs? – Irish Songs Lyrics Game
Supplies: Lyrics to Irish Songs, paper, people willing to sing

This is a fun St. Patrick’s Day game for those who go to Irish bars and or like Irish music. Let’s just saying if you are under 21 then you may want to pass on this St. Patrick’s Day game.

There are all sorts of Irish songs, classics like Danny Boy and Irish Pub songs like Seven Old Ladies, The Unicorn Song and others. While we all think we know the words to these songs, do we really know them?

The Irish Songs Lyrics Game is a fun way to test how well your friends know Irish songs, this could be a fun game for St. Patrick’s Day parties and at bars.

Who Knows the Irish Songs Game Prep
a. The first step is to find Irish song lyrics, we create this page with 17 Irish songs which can get you started. We recommend you select between 8 and 12 songs that you and your friends know for your game. If you don’t know the songs, then this game won’t be much fun.

b. The host should create a master list of the songs, the lyrics, and the order you want the songs in.

c. Then create a Irish Song list for your guests that include a few lines or the first verse or two of the Irish songs. (enough to get them started)

How to Play Who Knows the Irish Songs
a. Decide whether to play as individuals or groups.

b. Tell everyone you are going to do a sing along of Irish songs.  Everyone will sing the lines of the song written on the sheet, but then only the player or team whose turn it is must keep continue singing. The hard part is that people who know the song will want to continue but remind them to pause and just let the team whose turn it is continue.

– If they get the song lyrics right – Yeah! Everybody can join back in after a few lines.
– If they get it wrong – Let them know as see if anyone else wants to try.

If scoring: Correct Song Lyrics earn 1 point, Incorrect 0 points.

You can adjust this as needed and let people volunteer (which then you could have several people try and get a song right) or you can play one turn per person.

As for prizes, I am not sure they are needed just having fun is the prize.

Also, if you get a song like the Unicorn Song you could challenge guests to sing each verse until you get it right and then wrap up the game by handing out all the words and singing the song together.

To Help get you started review 17 Irish & Irish Drinking Songs with Lyrics.