St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt
Supplies: Imagination, clues and treasure

St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunts are a popular tradition and the idea of finding the leprechaun’s pot of gold is the perfect tie in. Plus, you can make your St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt as easy or complex as you want.

St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt Game Preparation
a. Decide Complex or Easy
Create a simple list of treasure hunt clues with a pot of gold at the end or develop a story about a Leprechaun and how he hide a pot of gold /candy / prizes in the house and then develop clues that work around the theme / story.

Story Ideas: A Leprechaun has lost or hidden his Pot of Gold and has “asked for your help” or “has challenged you to find it.” Younger kids enjoy the idea of helping find the pot of gold and older kids like the challenge finding the hidden treasure.

b. Create a series of clues that lead the treasure hunters from one place or item to the clue until they finally reach the pot of gold / treasure. Party Game Ideas recommends 8 – 15 clues.

For Younger kids you can say Go here to get the next clue or use simple riddles.
For Older kids be more creative and include more riddles – challenge them.

c. Optional – Treasure Hunt challenges
For young kids, throw in a few challenges like a ring toss, target game or trivia question to make the hunt more interesting or use the challenges to earn clues.

d. Last steps before your St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt
Write down the order of the clues, so you have a master sheet just in case they can’t find a clue. Now while the kids are out, number the clues and hide them.


How to Play St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt 
a. Let your group know that they are going to a treasure hunt and share the leprechaun story and give them the first clue or a verbal tip of where the leprechaun was last seen.

b. Let the treasure hunt begin and watch as they progress. Be ready in case they get stuck to offer advice, but let them struggle a little in their search for the clues.

c. Once they find the pot of gold / treasure / prizes the game ends.

a. Set up several treasure hunts but have the clues go to different places. (This way teams won’t take other teams clues.) and have the first team to complete the treasure hunt wins.

b. Divide the group into teams or individuals and time how fast each team or player can find the pot of gold. Fastest time wins.

Want unique St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt Clues and need help?
Well this site can help you build your St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt with over 1,000 clues! They help with clues and ideas for your scavenger / treasure hunt.