Born in 1972 – Birthday Party Game Pack

3 Printable Games for a Birthday Party to Celebrate those Born in 1972
Born in 1972 Trivia, Younger or Older, and This or That Game

Our Born in 1972 Birthday Party Game Pack celebrates life and the experiences someone who was born in 1972 would have experienced. We touch on 1970s and 1980s music, toys, TV, movies, fads and events. So if you are searching for unique ideas, our party game pack is perfect for a Birthday party celebration and includes 3 games that will have the birthday honoree and guests talking and reliving childhood and teenage moments from the 1970s and 1980s as if they were yesterday.

Printable Born in 1972 – 3 Game Party Pack
Includes Born in 1972 Younger, Same Age, or Older, Born in 1972 Trivia Questions, and Born in 1972 This or That. Play one game or have fun playing all three printable games at a birthday party celebration. We made everything easy just purchase and the PDF file link will be emailed to you.

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Born in 1972 This or That
Born in 1972 Younger, Same Age, or Older
Born in 1972 Times of Your Life Trivia
Prints in 2 Sizes – Full page (8×11) and 2 Per Page
Answer Sheet, Tie-Breaker Questions
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Our Born in 1972 game pack is a great addition to any birthday event and the birthday honoree will be surprised as ow these questions and activities help bring back memories of their childhood and teenage years. We worked hard to create questions and topics that match with growing up in the 1970s and 1980s.

Each game is a little different and there is minimal overlap in question topics. So the birthday guy or gal Born in 1972 and guests will enjoy playing these party games and learning the answers too. Everyone will enjoy cartoon, cereal, tv show, toy, movie,  music and fun questions from their childhood and teenage years.

These birthday party games are like a time machine, and touch on lots of different aspects of growing up. Everyone will have fun, sharing stories about their favorite toys, movies, songs and maybe even movies based on these games.

We went out of way to make sure our Born in 1972 party games are positive and fun, so you won’t find any questions or 1972 trivia about tragedy. We keep it Happy.

Estimated Length of Games
Each Birthday Party Game tends to run about 8-12 minutes.

Birthday Party Game Pack for those Born in 1972

Here is a run down of the games in the Born in 1972 Birthday Party Pack
A great activity for young and old at Birthday Parties!
Born in 1972 This or That
We grouped together 20 different This or That statements. Some are generic like like Cake or Pie, but others make them choose between their favorite decade of music, Saturday morning cartoons, and pop culture items that are from the 70s and 80s and today. This party game is all about what the Birthday Honoree likes and the guests trying to correct match their answers

This game is easy to play and doesn’t involve trivia. Most ages can play, best for 10 and older.

Born in 1972 Younger, Same Age, or Older
This is an entertaining game that includes 18 different people, groups or items. Guest must decide whether the item is Younger than the Birthday Guy or Gal, the Same Age, or Older. We looked at other Younger and Older games and they lacked interesting and topical items, plus nothing was the same age. Party Game Ideas Younger and Older game includes items from there birth year. This way everyone learn what items are as old as the Birthday Honoree. Most of the items including in this game are within 5 or 10 years of 1972, except for dirt which we added for fun!

This is a challenging game, that can be played by all ages because the can select an answer even if they don’t know it.

Born in 1972 Time of Your Life Trivia
We are most proud of this birthday trivia game, because it is what we would want if we were celebrating a milestone birthday. We looked at other Born in 1972 Trivia games and discovered that they all focused on pop culture, trends and news from 1972. Some of these games included tragic events, that would be a Debbie Downer at any birthday party! Plus if you were born in 1972, how would you know the news of 1972; you were a baby!

So we decide to create a 1972 Times of Your Life Trivia game that reflects growing p in the 70s and 80s. We have questions about breakfasts cereals, cartoons, tv shows, movies, music, fads, and fun things that those born in 1972 might remember or have enjoyed during their childhood and teenage years. Basically, this game is tailor made just for those celebrating being born in 1972 and this year it is extra special because they are turning 50 years old!

This printable party game is more challenging and has fill-in the blank, multiple choice, identify the correct order, and true false questions. This game has questions about 1972 all the way through 1993, and will be challenging for those under 16. If you have kids at the party consider pairing them up with adults so they can play the game.

Our Born in 1972 Party Games are perfect for family birthday celebrations, office events, and friends wanting to show love to someone special on their birthday! Purchase Born in 1972 Birthday Games Now.

1972 – Birthday Party Pack Information

Print on color paper or white.
Printable Birthday Games - Print on White or Colored Paper
We kept the design simple so you can use white or any colored paper to print out the games. This way you can decide whether to add color to your birthday party games. Keep in mind, bright colors work best.

2 Printable Game Size Options
Born in Birthday Party Games come in 2 Printable Sizes

All of our Born in Birthday party games come in 2 sizes. Regular size, 8×11, and sheets that allow for 2 games per page. These printable games look great either way, but this way you can decide which is best for you.

Celebrate that person who was born in 1972 with fun Birthday games that provide a walk down memory lane, get guests talking and looking up photos and events from the 70s and 80s.

Milestone Birthdays for those Born in 1972

• 55th Birthday is 2027
• 60th Birthday is 2032

But you don’t have to wait for a milestone birthday party to play these games, make this year’s birthday celebration memorable with these engaging party games that are fun for groups of 5, 20 or even 50 people to play.

1972 Birthday Party Games - 3 Game Pack

3 Printable Games perfect for those born in 1972. Perfect for a fun birthday party with friends, family and at the office! – Games include Born in 1972 childhood and teenage trivia from the 1970s and 80s, Younger or Older game, and This or That.

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