Thanksgiving Left Right Game Story – Tom’s Turkey Trot Adventure

A Fun Turkey Themed Left Right Story to celebrate Thanksgiving with over 60 Left Right passes.

Left Right Stories are a fun way to distribute Thanksgiving candy, party favors or fun prizes. This passing game is Thanksgiving themed and perfect for classrooms, social groups, family and Friendsgiving events.

Tom’s Turkey Trot Adventure is a story about three barnyard animals (turkey, pig and chicken) that accidentally get caught in the town’s Turkey Trot Race. They don’t really realize what is going on or why the police officers tried to grab them, so they just keep running. Find out how it ends and enjoy over 60 left – right passes when you purchase this Thanksgiving game.

Printable Thanksgiving Left Right Game
Tom’s Turkey Trot Adventure Left Right Story Game is about a trio of animals that accidentally get in the middle of a Turkey Trot race. A fun party, classroom, or family activity with over 60 Left Right passes. The file link will be emailed to you, just download, print and play.

Tom Turkey Thanksgiving Left Right Story Passing Game
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Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Left Right Story Game
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Length of Story – This Left Right Story Game takes 4-5 minutes to read.
Age Recommendation – Most ages, buts kids must be old enough to know their left from right (So 4 and older.)

Here is how Tom’s Turkey Trot Adventure Begins

Tom the Turkey said, “That was a a beautiful Thanksgiving sunrise.” Suddenly a loud HONK!,
from Farmer Sam’s truck startled Tom the Turkey, Patty the Pig and Charlie the Chicken
and sent them racing down the winding driveway.

They ran to the LEFT, then RIGHT, and then LEFT again and soon found themselves on the road RIGHT outside the farm.

Just as they were about to stop to catch their breath, Patty the Pig cried out; “Run, they’re
coming RIGHT for us!” They could see dozens of people running RIGHT towards them.

From there the  adventure of this Thanksgiving Left Right Story continues. During the reading of the story, there are over 60 different left right passes.

One of the best things about Left Right Games is that everyone can play this game whether you are 4 or 104. So purchase our Tom’s Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Left Right Game and get ready for fun, laughs, and smiles.

Party Host Left Right Story Tip
If you are the Party Host and plan on participating in the Left Right game, consider recording the story on your phone and then playing it over a portable speaker. If you do this, be sure to read the story slowly and have the recording on your phone so you can start and pause it if needed.

Tips on Playing Left Right Games

The host should have prizes, candy, party favors or items to be passed while the Left Right game. Then at the end of the game the item that each person ends up with is theirs.

If you have special prizes, then you might want to secretly mark a few of the items. These items correlate to special presents and the prizes are revealed after the game is over. (This can also be done a birthday parties too.) Often having a mystery prize or special present makes this  passing game/ pass the parcel game more fun.

Left Right games are extremely popular with kids, families and even adults because everyone ends up with something. You just listen to the story and have fun passing the items. This games are silly, fun and no one knows what they will end up with; which makes they interesting and memorable.

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