1971 Party Poster for Birthday, Anniversary Parties & Reunions

Printable Back in 1971 party decorations comes in 4 sizes and will make any birthday, anniversary & class reunion more interesting and fun.

Our 1971 party poster – The 1971 Times is the perfect decoration to bring your celebration to life! This poster is like a time machine providing over 100 fun facts and trivia about:

  • 1971 News
  • Top Movies of 1971
  • Popular Celebrities
  • Celebrities Born in 1971
  • Cost of various items
  • Top Songs on the Radio
  • TV Shows, Games and more

Our 1971 printable birthday poster will have the birthday guests talking about the 1970s pop culture and events. This poster pairs well with our 1971 Birthday party game pack. Oh and if you need a 1970s playlist for your party, check out our 70s Dance Hit Spotify playlist.

Printable Back in 1971 – The 1971 Times Party Poster
Includes The 1971 Times Poster comes in 4 printable sizes. We offer the standard 8.5 x 11 for easy printing from your home, but also allow you to print 16 x 20 posters too. Get your printable Back in 1971 party decoration now, just purchase and the PDF file link will be emailed to you.

1971 Facts Trivia Poster What Happened in 1971 Printable Sign Birthday Class Reunion AnniversaryBack in 1971 Poster
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Back in 1971 – The 1971 Times Poster
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Our Back in 1971 – The 1971 Times is a great party decoration to any birthday party celebration, wedding anniversary, class reunion and special events that celebrate any event that happened in 1971.

This party poster is like a time machine and includes over 100 tidbits from 1971. In every category we include the the top ranking or most popular show, songs or movies, but we also include some things that have grown in popularity over time or stood out.

This 1971 party decoration may be small, but you and your guests will have a great mix of topics to talk about with our printable 1971 newspaper styled poster. Plus if you are playing some of our Birthday party games, some guests might discover some of the trivia answers can help them answer a few questions!

At Party Game Ideas we really wanted to create a unique 1971 poster to meet your class reunion, anniversary or milestone birthday needs. We know it isn’t everyday that you celebrate a 50thReunion, Birthday or Wedding Anniversary and we wanted to make it special. Our various poster sizes allow you to print from home or at a print shop. You can frame the prints, use them for centerpieces or place them on the wall by the food.

If you are celebrating the Birthday of someone born in 1971, and want to add games to the party, then be sure to check out our Born in 1971 Party Game Pack.

Printable Born in 1971 Birthday Party Games and Trivia

This game pack includes three printable party games that will really make your event memorable.

More information on our Back in 1971 – The 1971 Party Poster

We put a lot of thought into our printable products and wanted to share with you some of our 1971 Party Poster highlights.
Back in 1971 Poster - Great Sign of 1971 Trivia, Events, Music, Movies
An this is how The 1971 Times poster will look on color paper. (Sample shown is from 1981.) We suggest you use bright or light tones when using colored paper. This makes our Back in 1971 birthday party poster come to life and it also makes it easy to read!.
Printable 1981 Poster - Birthday Sign, Party Decoration

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Need 70s Music for your Born in 1971 Birthday Party? Check out 70s Dance Hits playlist on Spotify with over over 12 hours of 1970s hit songs!

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Milestone Dates for 1971
Missed a 50th Event due to covid, then pick up our 1971 poster for your celebration.
In 2026 – Celebrate 55 years.
In 2031 – Celebrate 60 years.
In 2036 – Celebrate 65 years. Retirement? 🙂
In 2041 – Celebrate 70 years.

Back in 1971 - Printable Party Poster for Birthday, Reunions, Anniversary

Relive 1971 with our printable party poster for birthdays, anniversaries, and class reunions. These back in 1971 signs include trivia, fun facts, and what happened in 1971. A great party decoration and way to celebrate events honoring 1971.

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