Baby’s First Birthday Game / Quiz

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Your Baby is about to turn 1 and you are planning the his or her 1st Birthday Party. Why not share how much your baby has changed with My First Birthday party game from Party Game Ideas. Our colorful printable game allows you to share their growth and moments during the first year.

We have put together 14 questions for a 1st Birthday Party game. These questions range from personal questions about weight, height, food, diapers, teeth and more questions about your baby and some general 1 year old questions.

Printable Baby’s First Birthday Game
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Printable 1st Birthday Quiz for Girls and Boys1st Birthday Game
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We have gotten great feedback on our 1st Birthday Trivia game and one question, we often get is can the game be personalized? At this time, we do not offer personalization on our first birthday quiz.

We hope our 1st Birthday party game helps bring smiles and laughter to your baby’s 1st Birthday party as you share stories and photos about special events, embarrassing situations and tender moments that only occur during your baby’s first year of life.

Baby's 1st Birthday Game - Printable First Birthday Quiz

Fun and easy Baby's 1st Birthday Quiz is a printable party game that is all about the baby. Choose from pink or blue and have fun at your baby's 1st birthday party.

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