6 Hula Hoop Games for Adults
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Hula Hoops were either a fun and entertaining activity or one that you dreaded. Well we have taken this childhood staple and brought it back for your game night or party. While you still may not be able to hula the hoop, these simple games might just have a few guests cursing at it again.

Hula hooping isn’t just for kids or 50’s Sock Hops, but it will make grown-ups feel young again! Purchase or borrow a couple of hula-hoops for your event.

Let guests know that during your luau or party that there will be “hula” contest, and encourage them to practice during the party if the mood strikes. This will result in the competitive types to practice away before the contest. What you don’t have to share is what type of hula contest you are playing.

Choose one or several of the hula games below and have fun moving your hips, tossing, rolling and play other challenging hula hoop games.

Hula Hoop Challenges, Activities, Games
1. Who can keep a hula hoop going the longest?
The basic hula hoop competition. See who can hula the longest. Run several rounds and the winner of each round moves to the finals. The winner of the finals is the Champion Hula Hooper!

2. Who can do the most hula hoops at a time for at least 10 seconds?
You’ll want at least 6 – 9 hula hoops for this game. Start with groups of people doing at least 2 hula hoops at a time and see who can keep both going for 10 seconds. Once everyone has taken a turn, those that did 2 for 10 seconds move on to the next round and are given 3 to hula for 10 seconds. Play each round and then advance all those who ae successful at keeping the hoops up for 10 seconds. Play until you have a winner or winners (if you have several people that can do all your hula hoops.)

3. Crazy Fun – See how much people can fit in a hula hoop.
Ask people to divide up into groups, best to have 8-10 per group. Don’t tell them the game when they are making their teams. Then after the are done, they them know that they will have 30 seconds or you can go as high as a minutes to get as many people to fit inside the hula hoop without breaking it. Note hula hoop needs to be at waist level. The team with the most people wins.

4. Hula Hoop Ring Toss – See who can ring an items 10, 20 or 25 feet away!
Divide the group into 2 – 3 teams. FYI – You’ll need a minimum of 3 hula hoops. Them place buckets / targets 10, 20, and 25 feet away. Add a point value to each target 10 feet = 1 pt., 20 feet = 3 pts., and 25 feet = 5 pts.

One at a time players from each team take the hula hoops and try to ring the targets and score points. After they have thrown their hoops, record their score and collect the hoops and the next player goes. Rotate team play so that the first player from each team goes and then the second player from each team goes and so on. This keeps players and teams focused.

After each round of players have gone announce the score and at the end the team with the most points wins.

4.1 Two Person Hula Hoop Ring Toss
In this ring toss, guests are paired up and you can have 3 – 6 teams play at once but each team needs a hula hoop. Teams start facing each other 5 feet apart. The first player then grabs the hula hoop and tries to ring the other player with the hoop.

The other player can stand, crouch and cover their head and even lean in order to get the hula hoop around them, but they cannot move their feet! If the hula hoop misses them, their team is out of the game. Once done with a round, all successful teams have one player move 2 feet backwards and now the person who was the target tosses the hula hoop at their team member. Successful teams stay in and after each round increase the distance between the team members, the last team in remaining wins.

This game is often played in rounds and the winners of each round moves on to the finals, where the winning team is determined.

5. Hula Hoop Roll
Who can send a hula rolling the farthest? Well you will find out. You’ll need a big yard and outdoor space for this game and someone to help mark the farthest roll/ rolls.

This is an easy game that involves setting a start line from which to roll and informing guests that in order to win they must roll the hoop the furthest and once it falls over it will be marked. FYI – It must be rolled, they can not throw it ten feet in the air at the start of their roll. The person rolling the hula hoop the farthest wins.

Game Tip: If you yard is on a hill, roll uphill.

6. Hula Hoop Snake Race
Hula Hoop Snake Race is a fun activity and can work as a minute to win it game. Guests must move the Hula Hoop from one end to the other with no hands! Get Hula Hoop Snake Race rules & instructions.

As we get more hula hoop party game ideas we will add them to this page.