Shaving Game
Supplies: Shaving cream, plastic spoons, bibs/towels, bucket

This game is silly, messy and involves a little trust as your partner shaves you while blindfolded. Don’t worry, no one should get hurt using plastic spoons as razors. Great for couples game nights.

Shaving Game Prep & Play
a. This game involves pairing people up as teams. (Male and female, husbands-wives, girlfriends and boyfriends will work)

b. The guy (or one team member) sits in a chair and the woman (other team member) puts real shaving cream on the teammate’s face.

c. A blindfold is then placed on the women and placed in front of her guy. She is then given 1 or 2 minutes to shave her guy using the plastic spoon. FYI – Place a bucket / trash can next to her so she can get rid of the shaving cream as she shaves.

d. Take a before and after shave digital photos and use these photos to give prizes. Best shave and person I would never let give a shave (worst shave).
Thanks – Oriole