Christmas Ornament Guess
Supplies: Number of ornaments on the tree, Pen and paper, box / container for guess submissions

The Christmas ornament guessing game requires some prep work before you decorate the tree as you will need to count your ornaments before you place them on the tree. The ornament guess game is a derivative of a candy guessing game, where guests try to guess how many candies are in a jar. The holiday party game is perfect for the classroom, group event, dinner party and the office as a interesting passive game that does not disrupt a party.

Christmas Ornament Guessing Game Prep
1. Take out your ornaments that you will be placing on the tree and count them.
2. Decorate your Christmas tree and confirm the final number and write it down.
3. Get slips of paper for guessing that includes a space for name and their guess. For Christmas parties try to make it look like a gift tag. Also make a simple game explanation that goes right by the guessing slips. This can simply say, “Guess How Many Ornaments Decorate Our Tree.”
4. Have pens next to the slips and a submission box (that looks like a Christmas present) where guests can drop their guess.

How to Play Christmas Ornament Guess
1. Let guests know that you are doing a holiday Ornament Guess.
2. Each guest is informed that they will need to guess the number of ornaments on the Christmas tree. If you have more than one Christmas tree designate the specific tree by including in the living room, front yard or for a office party in a specific room.
3. Each guest is encourage to submit one guess and submit it in the submission box.
FYI – Clarify that you are playing closest to the actual number of ornaments.
4. When all the guests have submitted their guess, the host reviews the guesses and sees which guest is closest to the actual number.
5. During a holiday toast and or statement to your guests, thank everyone for coming and playing the game and then announce the winner.

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Christmas Ornament Guess – Variation

Do you have favorite holiday themes or interests? Some love Santa, Disney, Dogs, Cats, Elephants, the specific color or Star Wars and collect those type of ornaments every year and their tree is full of them.

Do the Ornament Guess based on a specific category, interest or color. This adds a little of the hosts personality to the party and the game.