Free Printable Christmas Maze featuring Ernie the Elf

Help Ernie the Elf find his buddy Ralph the Reindeer so they can soon head off on their Christmas Eve adventure. This free Christmas Maze is our gift to you. Whether you use this as a party game, classroom activity or just something to keeps the kids busy for a few minutes they will enjoy helping Ernie meet up with Ralph. Learn more about the book, Ernie the Elf and the Special Gift book on Amazon.

This tricky Christmas Maze can take even a most seasoned maze navigator a few minutes to complete, but unlike Ralph in the book, there are no shortcuts in this maze! Perfect for pre-school, classroom and social groups as a fun activity and best of all it is free. Print in color or black ink.

Click here for Printable Christmas Maze
Free Printable Christmas Maze Activity

Here for the Printable Holiday Maze – Ernie the Elf
We hope you enjoy Ernie’s Christmas Maze Challenge

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Christmas Maze Game

a. Individual Play – Hand out game sheets, first person draw their way through the maze while staying inside the lines wins.

b. The only Group Maze game we could think of would be a version where you have a Maze Master and Maze Guessers.
This Maze is far to complex the but if you did a smaller maze this game might work.
Here is the idea in case you want to try it:
Two teams same Maze. The Maze Masters each have a copy of the Maze.
– The Maze Master of Team 1 – Records the Master Progress for Team 2 and Team 2’s Maze Master records the data for Team 1

You’ll Need a Set of Three Cards for Each Team, Plus each Team can have pen and paper to record moves.
One card reads – Left, another – Right and the last on Center (These are direction cards.)

To Start the Game the Maze Master moves their Team as far into the maze in a straight line until they hit a wall (line) or there is an option to turn (a gap in the line). The Maze Master does not share whether it is a wall or missing line.

Each Teams first player then choose a card to move – Left, Right or Center
At the same time, both teams flip over the card for the Maze Master to see. However the other Team should not be able to see the card selected.

The Maze Master announces – You Advance, Remain in Place or Dead End.
After each announcement, it is helpful to have someone recording their moves, so in case they must retreat it can be done correctly.

Teams continue to move through the Maze until someone escapes.
– This can take some time so a short maze is best.

Also to make it more interesting have points where you can win bonus guesses or a player might take another turn. This has some D&D aspects to it and you can revise as needed, but keep the maze short and fast paced or else people might loose interest.

Thanks for your interest in Party Game Ideas free printable Christmas Word Search and Happy Holidays.

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