17 Best Kid’s Christmas Party Games

Christmas is the best time of year with Santa, presents, toys, holiday parties, Christmas music and fun with friends and family. What makes the Christmas party and holiday event special and memorable are the activities at these events. Making Christmas ornaments, holiday decorations and even gifts is often part of these holiday parties, the other activities involve Christmas party games for kids that adults can enjoy too.

We pulled together the Best Kid’s Christmas Party Games that will have them off their phones, cheering on teammates, passing gifts, sticking their nose into things, scavenging for reindeer and even yelling Bingo! These kid’s Christmas party games are diy games or printable party games. This list showcases the best rated games on children’s Christmas games on Party Game Ideas and most visited games by our users.  

1. Christmas Gift Stacking Relay
Christmas Gift Stacking Relay - Party GameSanta would be so proud to see this game played at your Christmas party. In fact, it is an “Elf in Training” as Elves have to carry stacks of presents to Santa’s sleigh and they can’t let them fall!

Get you little elves ready for Christmas with this Gift Stacking Relay game where the gift stack gets higher with every turn. This kid’s party game involves teams, presents, hand and eye coordination and not letting your Christmas presents fall to the ground! This is a super fun game that all ages can play. Christmas Gift Stacking Relay rules and instructions.

2. Christmas Corners
Christmas Corners - Printable Kids GamesOne of our all-time favorites, because it involves Christmas music, movement, suspense and it is totally random. Plus this game is so easy to set up. Place 4 images in different corners (or areas) of the room, play Christmas music (Use our Spotify Family Friendly Christmas playlist) and when the music stops the kids choose a corner.

Now the kids wait to learn if their Christmas corner was lucky or if it was pulled from the hat and they are out of the game. This Christmas game is so fun kids will play it 2 – 3 times and not get bored. Christmas Corners rules and instructions.

3. Christmas Tree Ornament Find
Christmas Tree Ornament Find Relay GameThis is a unique Christmas game as it involves a Christmas trees and ornaments. While the kids may be puzzled by this game at first, once it starts they will start cheering on their teammates as they head to the tree to find specific ornaments.

A tree should be set up just for Christmas Tree Ornament Find and paper, plastic or unbreakable ornaments should be used for this game. The ornament game can be fast paced, but if you need to slow it down and have the kids be hands off the tree, we provide an Ornament Count game that can be played. Christmas Ornament Find rules and instructions.

4. Find Santa’s Reindeer – Scavenger Hunt
Find Santa's Reindeer Scavenger Hunt GameLooking for a Christmas Scavenger Hunt game, well find Santa’s reindeer is the perfect game that can be played several ways that include individual, family or team play. And when we played it at our Christmas party, we added a fun back story that the reindeer had gotten out and Santa needs to find them in time for Christmas Eve, and he need your (the kids) help.

For our Find Santa’s Reindeer game we used stuffed reindeer, hide them and then gave away the reindeer as prizes! You can use stuffed animals, kid’s drawings or our printable reindeer for your Christmas scavenger hunt game. Find Santa’ Reindeer rules and instructions.

5. Snowball & Spoon Relay Race
Snowball and Spoon Relay Race - Kids Christmas Party GameAnother classic party game turned into holiday fun. The Snowball and Spoon game involves kid’s trying to keep the snowball on their spoon as the walk to and from teammates or through obstacles. If the snowball falls they must begin again.

This Christmas game is easy to set up, can be played in most rooms, adjust for young and older kids, and you can play with large and small groups. It even makes for a weekend activity for families, just use a stopwatch and see who can run an obstacle course the fastest without dropping the snowball. Snowball & Spoon Relay Race rules and instructions.

6. Christmas Bingo Games
Christmas Bingo for Kids Christmas Bingo CardsBoth young and old love to play Bingo. It is easy, fun and keeps kids attention as they wait for the item to be called, so they can yell Bingo. We came up with two versions of colorful Christmas Bingo cards for kids. A 4×4 Christmas Image Bingo game has 16 spots per card and no free space it is perfect for pre-k and kindergarten classes. Our 5×5 Christmas Bingo is traditional bingo but with festive holiday images rather than numbers.

Both work great for kids and adult assistance is recommended for the image bingo. Learn more about 4×4 Christmas Image Bingo and 5×5 Christmas Bingo cards.

7. Saran Wrap Ball Game
Saran Wrap Ball Game - Christmas and Birthday Party GamesKids are a ball of energy at Christmas, well use that energy to play the Saran Wrap Game. The game where prizes are wrapped up in a giant cling wrap ball and the kids must unwrap the ball to get to the gifts but the Saran wrap is clingy and hard to remove. Oh, the struggles of fun they will have at the Christmas party. lol.

Party Game Ideas offers 7 Saran Wrap Game variations and a few are geared towards kid’s parties. Check out our ideas to make your Saran wrap game fun, but also one where each child gets a prize. (We don’t want a meltdown.) Learn more Saran Wrap Game rules and instructions.

8. Unwrap the Gift Game
Unwrap the Gift Games - Kids Christmas Party GamesHow many wraps does it take to get to the gift? Well you find out in the endless unwrapping gift game that has layer and layer of Christmas gift wrap and sometimes surprises in some layers. There are some similarities to the Saran Wrap game but in this game each person unwraps just one layer per turn and the person to unwrap the last layer gets the gift.

We add some ideas so you can mix in small prizes or silly things that the person must do in the layers. We offer ways to make it more challenging and a version with dice too. Unwrap the Gift Game rules and instructions.

9. Left Right Gift Passing Games 
Ernie the Elf Left Right Gift Passing Game Penguin Christmas Party Left Right Story Gift Exchange Three Wise Men Left Right Gift Passing StoryKids enjoy gift exchanges as much as adults, but kids tend to have meltdowns when the gift they really wanted is taken from them. The solution is a Christmas Left Right Story game, where the gift remains wrapped until the end of the game and presents get moved around the group when the words “Left” and “Right” are mentioned in the Left Right Story.

At the end of the game, each person opens their present to see what they received. Left Right stories are fun to read and fun to watch as people mix up which way to pass the gifts. For young kids it is a good way to learn their left from their right too.

We offer three Christmas Left Right Stories
Ernie the Elf and the Special Gift – A Christmas Eve Adventure
Penguins Christmas Party – Things don’t as planned until the Penguins work together
Hezekiah and the Three Wise Men – A boy helps the Wise Men find the Baby Jesus

10. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer
Pin the Nose on the Reindeer - DIY Party GamePin the Nose on the Donkey is a classic birthday party game, that can be easily adapted for Christmas events and holiday parties. YOu can make your own Pin the Nose on the Reindeer game or purchase this or similar Holiday “Pin the Nose” games like Pin the Nose on the Reindeer, Pin the Carrot on the Snowman, Pin the Star on the Tree and others online.

This game is familiar, fun and silly to watch and play. A true Christmas classic that is great for the 7 and under crowd. View DIY Pin the Nose on Reindeer rules and instructions.

11. Christmas Charades for Kids
Christmas Charades for Kids - Printable GameGet them up off the couch, away from their phones and get them acting out in a good way with Christmas Charades for Kids. This is a great party game and will have friends and family having fun together. This kid’s Christmas Charades game is just for kids, we have another version for adults, and can also be used to play a Christmas version of other popular games like Pictionary, Telestrations, and Headbanz. Our charades game also includes blank cards so you can more if you wish.

What we love about charades is that while kids might be a bit hesitant to play during the first round, they often loosen up and have fun as the game goes on. Charades is a great team for parties and can be played with friends and family. Plus the holiday charades cards can be used for other games too. View our printable Kid’s Christmas Charades game.

12. Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay
Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay GameThis game works well with tweens (8-12), still kids but these need games that challenge them more. Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay involves two teams trying to get their team to guess a Christmas song. Christmas songs can include Jingle Bells to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This is normally played where the two teams are playing independently of each other, but you could switch it up to have them play against each other. However, it would no longer be a relay.

This is a very entertaining game as it involves drawing, moving, and event singing the carols. FYI – The singing can be optional but why take away the fun. (unless they need to be quiet) View Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay rules and instructions.

13. Holiday  Mind Match
Holiday Mind Match - Printable Kids GameCan you read someone’s mind? Well with Holiday Mind Match they get to find out how well they know their friends, cousins or family members as they try to match someone else’s mind. So if I said Snow ______, ow would you answer? Skiing, man, ball, cone, storm, flake or something else? This works for Christmas parties, but it is also popular for December Birthday parties and family gatherings as you learn about the person as the answers are revealed.

This kid’s Christmas party game is best for kids that can read and write, so ages 7 and up. It’s a discover game, that is more conversational and even result in shared stories about why someone answered in such a way. Leann more about Holiday Mind Match game.

14. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss
Reindeer Antler Ring Toss GameNow your kids can be reindeer and be part of the game. This silly ring toss game will have children and adults placing reindeer antlers on their heads and being a target. This is great for parties and family fun. Plus you can play this as a teams with points and scoring, a relay race (must get a ring on the antlers) or scoring individual play. As long as you have two people you can have fun with this game.

We like that this game is active, entertaining and there are various way to play. Reindeer Antlers Ring Toss works well with all ages and is easy to play. You just need to blow up the inflatable antlers and rings. View Reindeer Antler Ring Toss games.

15. Santa’s Christmas Puzzle Mystery Game
Santa's Christmas Puzzle Mystery - Kids Party GameThis is a fun way to get kids thinking and send them on a adventure to find gifts and prizes. You can make this puzzle game as easy or complex based on the age of the kids attending your holiday event.

This kid’s game works best with small teams of kids working together to solve the puzzles and figure out the clues until they find the presents/prizes. This game does take some planning, but it is fun to set up and watch the kids solve the puzzles. Plus you can use words or pictures as the puzzle so if young kids play reading skills are not required. Santa’s Christmas Puzzle Mystery rules and instructions.

16. Elf name Generator 
Elf Name Generator - Easy, Fun, Printable This is more of a fun Christmas party activity as kids get their own elf name so they can go form being John Smith to “Cocoa Tipsycakes.” Kids have fun learning what their silly name is and they can share it with others with name tags. Adults can get their own names too, so everyone at the party can be involved.

You can also turn the the Elf Name Generator names and turn it into a game too. Where kids must use the elf names rather than real names. It is fun as the kids laugh and call each other by these silly names. Get your free Elf Name Generator print out for your party.

17. Snowball Soccer
Indoor Snowball Soccer - Kids Party GameSnowball Soccer is less about gifts and prizes but more about burning off energy. Depending the size of your group and space, you can decide whether teams should be 3 or 6 players per team. If you have four teams, you can have the winners of each game play in the finals. Just remind players that there is no pushing or shoving in this game. (Open space is important)

This game can also be adapted for younger kids (4-5) by using balloons. It adds a fun challenge as you aren’t always sure where the balloons will go. This is a fun game for active and energetic kids. View DIY Snowball Soccer.

We offer over 30 kids Christmas party games and this list features the most popular based on visits and the highest rated games. We included a mix of games so that you can choose the right kid’s Christmas party game to match your groups unique personality.

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