Christmas Tree Ornament Find
Supplies: Christmas tree or trees, kid friendly ornaments, ability to take photos or ornaments and print from computer, space to move around the Christmas Tree. (2 Christmas trees works best)
Game Variation – Christmas Tree Ornament Count is at the bottom of the page.

This is a great Christmas Holiday party game and is great for kids and adults. There is no real advantage in this game except for height so make sure that the tree height is appropriate for kids and/or adults. Two Christmas trees is preferred and the best ornaments are printed paper ones. One suggestion is to purchase our Kids Christmas 3 Game Pack and use the Memory Match cards as Christmas ornaments. use them as paper ornaments and then the kids can just remove them from the tree when they find them and since the size and shape would be the same – so the game is more challenging.

Christmas Tree Ornament Find Game Prep
1. Before decorating the tree, select 10 – 20 kid friendly ornaments (you can do more if needed – have one ornament per child and maybe 2 – 4 extra just in case) and take a photo of each one. Note: Each ornament should be unique, so don’t choose a silver ball ornament. Consider using the Memory Match printable cards with unique holiday images as ornaments, just print and hang on the Christmas tree.

These ornaments should also be kid friendly as they will be removing them from the tree. Also if you have nice glass ornaments, we recommend you add them to the tree after this game is played.

Now once you take photos of the ornaments, Crop them down to 2 by 2 images and print out on the computer. Try to fit as many on one page as possible so you don’t waste paper.

2. Once you print out the ornaments, cut out each ornament and attach the picture to card stock or a firm piece of paper with tape or glue stick. One ornament per card, these will be your game cards. (This is optional, it depends on the weight of the paper.)

3. If you have two Christmas trees and use the memory Match images, print out a 4 sets of images. Each tree will have a set and them each team will have their own set of game cards. If you are using your own ornaments and more than one tree, divide up the ornaments have on one tree and half on the second tree and label the back of your playing cards with a 1 or 2 which will mean tree 1 or 2. If using one tree you do not need to label the back of the cards.

4. Now hang the corresponding decorations on the tree or trees. Some should be easy to find and others difficult. Now add extra ornaments to fill in the tree and make it harder to see the ornaments on the cards.

FYI – If this is a classroom activity or youth group activity, consider having the kids make styrofoam ball ornaments or dough ornaments and then using them for the game.

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How to Play Christmas Tree Ornament Find
1. Divide the kids up into two teams.
Set a start line where the kids will stand and where the ornament cards will be placed. Make sure Tree 1 cards are set for Team 1’s – Tree and Team 2’s for Tree 2.

2. Now let the kids know that they will be playing Christmas Tree Ornament Find. They will select an ornament card from the pile and then head to the tree to find that ornament.

3. Once they find the ornament on the tree they need to carefully remove it and return to the start line. Once they cross the start line, the match is confirmed, the next player selects a card and heads to the tree to find their ornament.

4. The first team to find all their ornaments and returns to the start line wins. If the teams and uneven, the first person from the team with fewer players goes twice.

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Christmas Tree Ornament Find Variation – Ornament Count

Don’t want the ornaments removed from the tree, then this variation might just work for you. This game works with one Christmas tree.

In this version, you need to lay out your Christmas ornaments and take a photo of one of each type of ornament that goes on the tree. So you might take a photo of red ornaments, silver, glass bells, etc…

Now count how many of each ornament you have and write it down. 8 Plain Red Ornaments, 12 Silver ornaments, 1 Winnie the Pooh, etc…

Proceed to decorate the tree and if you don’t use any ornaments subtract them from the total you had listed.

Now create the game cards using your printer and card stock as noted in the previous version. But this time make 2 identical sets of cards and once that is done place a sticky note on the back of each card.

How to Play
Mix up each set of game cards, so that they are not in the same order.
Divide the group into teams and place one pile in front of Team 1 and the other in front of Team 2.
Form lines and when the game starts the first player from each team grabs a card (Post it side up) and heads to the Christmas tree and has 30 seconds (or less) to count how many ornaments of that type are on the Christmas tree.

When the time is up they must run back to the start line, grab the pen and write down the number of that ornaments on the tree on the post it note.

Make sure the teams are separated so that the other team can’t see what the kids write down.

Once everyone is done, sit the teams down and score the results.
Have the first person on Team 1 show their ornament and then the corresponding person on Team 2 will show the same ornament. Ask Team 1 how many ornaments the found and then do the same with Team 2 – Now announce the correct answer.

Exact Match in total: 2 points
If no Match – Closest answer gets 1 point (if tie 1 point each)

When showing ornaments go back and forth between the teams, so that it stays interesting. After all the answers are given, tally up the scores and highest score wins.

If you want to be sneaky, take a photo of an ornament that is not on the tree and see if anyone answers zero!

Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady