Christmas Gift Wrap Relay
Supplies: Boxes of the same size, pre-cut wrapping paper or use tissue paper, tape

If your family saves wrapping paper from large presents to use, then this wrapping paper game is the perfect way to make use of that old wrapping paper no one wants. You can use new wrapping paper or use colored tissue paper, but get the cheap kind.

Gift Wrap Relay Game Prep
1. Get boxes of the same size. We recommend Christmas card boxes or something about that size.
2. Measure out how much tissue paper or wrapping paper is needed to wrap the gift. Then create enough wrapping paper sheets for every play er to have at least one piece of wrapping paper to wrap the gift. Do at least 2-4 extras in case someone rips their or if extra people come to the party. Tissue paper comes in sheets which makes it easier to use.
3. Have a tape dispenser for each team.

How to Play Gift Wrap Relay
1. Divide your group into two or more teams.
2. Let them know that each member of the team will need to go from the Start line to the table where each player must wrap a gift, hand it to the gift inspector (need one per team) to confirm it is wrapped properly – thumbs up, and the player returns to the start line to tag the next member of the team to wrap a gift. If the gift is wrapped poorly, thumbs down and they must re-wrap or adjust the wrapping on the gift until the Gift Inspector gives them the thumbs up.

While the player returns to the start line, the Gift Inspector unwraps the gift so the box is set for the next player.

3. The first team to have everyone on their team to wrap a gift wins.

Additional Game Ideas / Tips
a. Macaroni & Cheese boxes or Jello boxes can work well for this game.
b. Have a wrapped gift to show the level of wrapping quality you expect them to achieve for a thumbs up.

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