Shoveling Snow
Supplies: Vaseline, bowl, cotton bowls, stop watch

This is another small group game that involves vaseline and cotton balls. SO you can use it as a silly game at neighborhood parties or make it a family event. While we have it listed as a kids game, it is entertaining and challenging for all ages.

How to play: Arrange everyone in a circle sitting on their knees or sitting around a table. Place a dab of vaseline on the tip of each player’s nose. Place a bowl in front of each player and a pile of cotton balls next to the bowl or scattered loosely in front of them on the table.

The object of the game is to place the cotton balls into the bowl using their nose only. Their hands should be down or behind their back during the game. After 1 minute, the one with the most cotton balls in their bowl wins the present.

Thanks, Madeleine V.