12 Days of Christmas Singalong
Supplies: Verses for the 12 Days of Christmas

This is more of an activity than a game and very simple as all you need are the lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas and a group that is willing to sing them. This activity is perfect to transition from one part of your party into another and is great for groups and offices of 30 or more people.

Group everyone into 12 teams, it can be random or have people count off from 1-12. Then group the teams together and give each one a verse of the twelve days of Christmas. Each team was responsible for singing one verse of the song. As you know, the song repeats itself, with a new verse added each time.

The best part of all is that as the teams sing their verse, they are to act out the verse (i.e. eight maids a milking, six geese a laying). It is hilarious to see the interpretations that each group had for what motions should be acted out. Each team should be allowed to gather together at first to determine what motions they plan to do. This is a fun 12 Days of Christmas sing along that all ages can enjoy.
Thanks, Atalie