Christmas Memory Tray Game
Supplies: Various Christmas items, tray, paper and pencil

This Christmas party game is similar to the Baby Shower Tray game, but involves Christmas items. This observation game is a mix of a memory and i-spy. It’s works with any age group and takes about 5 – 10 minutes to play.

How to Play Christmas Memory Tray Game
Get 15 to 25 small – medium sized Christmas items and place on a tray the more the merrier. Please note you can include more than one of each item, just make sure you don’t has the exact same item & same color twice.

Examples: Christmas stocking, Have 1 or more ornaments, Christmas cookie, cookie cutter, Christmas light, wrapping paper, candle, bow, Christmas movie, nutcracker, etc…

Set the tray down or walk around with the tray and allow people to study it for 1 or 2 minutes. Then take the tray out of the room.

Now give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil, set a timer for 2 minutes and have everyone write down as many of the Christmas items as they can remember from their memory. The one with the most correct items written down wins.

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Variations of the Christmas Memory Tray Game
Option 1:
Think it is two easy just to write down what they remember than do the following.
a. Hand everyone a sheet of paper with a list of the numbers of questions you will ask & a pen. (Have them place name on sheet.)

b. Now while everyone is trying to remember all the things on the try. Ask a simple question like, What is your hometown?

c. Now it is time to start asking questions about items on the Christmas Tray.
We recommend a total of 15 questions and if you include the Hometown one you need to create 14. Here are some examples.
– How many ornaments were on the tray? or What colors were the ornaments? (In this version you can have multiple ornaments of the same color and then ask how many of that color were on the tray)
– What was the shape of the cookie cutter?
– The stocking included what three colors?
– Ask a question like this, Was there a bell on the tray? It is always good to ask about an item that may or may not be on the tray.
– Your last question or tie breaker question should be: How many Christmas items were on the tray?

Option 2:
Christmas Memory Game Twist:
After removing the tray from the room, come back and tell them you are going to play a memory game and instruct them to follow you to another room. There are two ways to play this Christmas memory game.

Your guests will think that they will have to remember items on the tray, but you can play this memory game two ways.

1. First you can have the Host and Hostess wear a lot of Christmas flair and items. A holiday sweater, pin, scarf, necklace, tie, etc… that they take off before the game begins. In this version the Questions you ask will be about the items you were wearing and removed. If you don’t have enough things to wear then go the second option below.

2. If you move to another room, then you can ask questions about the decor around the room that you were in and even articles of clothing that the host or hostess was wearing. So now you you can see who noticed the centerpiece, the holiday salt and pepper shakers, etc…

3. Last Twist – Diversion Tactic
While everyone we expect to answer questions about the tray, instead go around the group and randomly ask guests to identify the different Days of Christmas in the Song the 12 Days of Christmas. So turn to Joe and ask What is the 7th day? After he answers, move to another player, like Jen and ask What was given on the 4th day of Christmas? once you manage to get through all 12 days then surprise them by breaking out the pen and paper and…
Ask them to remember as many items on the tray as possible!

Thanks, Cathy and the Party Game Ideas Team for variations