Siamese Gift Wrap Game
Supplies: Wrapping paper, items needed for wrapping a gift

The concept is easy wrap a Christmas present.
The execution is hard as you can only wrap the gift with one hand!

1. You’ll need to pair up party attendees, it is recommended that they know each other so Mom/daughter, couples, two friends.

2. Depending on space you can have two or more teams compete in the Siamese Gift Wrap game. Then let them know they will be wrapping a Christmas gift. Their first thought will be that this will be easy, and then share the news that they will be wrapping the gift as a team and can only use one hand per person.

NOTE: Do not use scissors.
While it would be a big challenge to have teams try to cut wrapping paper, it is also dangerous.

3. Provide the following at each wrapping station: wrapping paper, box to wrap (should be same size for each team), tape, bow, ribbon is option.

4. Have each team member stand beside the other and now place each team members inside arm around the waist of their teammate.

5. Each team must work together to wrap their gift. The object is to see which Siamese team can wrap the present the best in the allotted time (5 minutes or less). The audience then judges best wrapped gift package and the winning team wins a prize.

Thanks, Wiley

Are you hosting a Gift Wrapping Party?

Gift Wrapping Parties are a newer social gathering where friends, moms and parents get together to socialize and wrap gifts. Often the kids are at school or they have been sent to another house so they can’t sneak up to see the gifts.

One of the many benefits of the gift wrapping party / social is that you don’t have to wrap only, everyone brings roll of wrapping paper so you have lots of variety, and you can share wrapping tips, bows and holiday stories.

If you are holding a gift wrapping party, then the Siamese gift wrap game might be the perfect game / activity to play with your friends and family.