Holiday Office – Employee Trivia Game
Supplies: Sending out email 3 weeks in advance of event, paper, pens Note: Works best for companies/departments with 30 and fewer employees, where everyone knows each other.

This Christmas party game is best for offices with 15 – 40 people, where people know or are at least aware of each other. The best part about it is that the employees help creative the trivia and are the answers.

About three weeks before your company party /event, send an email message to all of your employees asking them to email you a tidbit of trivia about themselves and Christmas that they didn’t think that anyone else in the company knew about them.

I spent two weeks traveling Polar Bears during my college internship.
I have played Santa on stage 3 times in the last 10 years.
I was one of Santa’s elf’s at the mall when in high school.

These items can relate to travel, adventure and fun, the theme should focus on winter and or Christmas stories.

Then type up a sheet that has the trivia item in one column and the list of employees in the other column assigned with a letter. Have the employees write the letter of the employee that they thought matched the item of trivia. The employee that matched the most receives a prize.

Thanks, Staci J.