Pass the Bows
Supplies: Christmas Bows

This is a crazy and awkward party game, that is not for germophobes as you have to hold hands and pass bows.

Team race to pass the bows from one end of the line to the other, but the tricky part is that they must pass it to each other while holding hands. This is quite a tricky Christmas game that takes a lot of patience.

Divide the group into teams of 6 to 10 people and have the teams line up side by side, either sitting or standing next to each other.

At one end of the line place the six Christmas bows and at the other end have a table or stool where they can place the bows. Now with their left hand have each player grab the right wrist of the person to their right.

Now on when you say go, the teams must pass all the bows down to the one end and place them on the table or stool and then once all 6 bows are there they can start passing them back to the front of the line.

Note: If a bow falls, players must retrieve while still being connected and if the chain breaks all the bows currently being passed must move back to the beginning of the line. (Either the front – initial starting point or the table / stool – the half way point.)
Thanks, Alice

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