Christmas Find Out Who Game
Supplies: List of holiday questions to get answers for, pen, paper

Christmas Find Out Who is the Christmas discovery game that makes for a great ice-breaker. This game will get people talking and mingling, asking questions, and learning about each other.

The Goal of Christmas Find Out Who is to see if you can find someone at the party who would be the answer to the question / fill in the blank. You can use it as a competitive game with a prize or as an Holiday party ice-breaker.

a. Sometimes there isn’t anyone at the party who matches the question and that is okay.
b. Make the game harder – Guests can only use another guests name for one answer. This makes sure you cannot use one person to answer 5 different questions.

Sample Questions and Page Set Up

Guest’s Name ____________________________

1. Never has had a “White Christmas”_______________________________

2. Has celebrated Christmas in another country_____________________

3. Returned a gift s/he received last Christmas_______________________

4. Has seen a real, live reindeer ___________________________________

5. Believed in Santa Claus until s/he was 10 years old)_______________

6. Has all of her / his Christmas shopping done. _____________________

7. Has been to Bethlehem____________________________________________

8. Went Christmas caroling last year_________________________________

9. Has peaked at a present before Christmas________________________

10. Still gets his/her own stocking filled each year__________________

Those sample questions will help you get started. Adjust as needed and then add personalized questions that match your group or location. If you live in Florida you might add, Have spent Christmas day at the beach, and if you live in Minnesota you might say have gone ice fishing on Christmas day.

Christmas Find Out Who is great as an ice breaker at parties, but it is also helpful a family events where the relatives might not know that much about each other. Ask relatives for unique facts about each member of the family and then put together a fun personalized game.