Find It Christmas Scavenger Hunt Relay
Supplies: Pictures of Christmas items or location clues, actual items in photos and players

This Christmas Scavenger Hunt Relay game is based upon finding Holiday items in a room or rooms, on a tree or in a yard. It is like I Spy but with real items, print out images or pictures.

Find It Christmas Scavenger Hunt Relay – Game Prep
1. First decide on what Christmas items you will want the kids to find.
Christmas ornaments, specific decorations, stuffed animals, themed elves, holiday pictures, etc… It is always nice to use a themed approach so kid’s have a general idea of what they are looking for. Smaller items tend to work best for this game and it helps to over decorate the area so their are lots of items to see.

2. Next, take a picture of specific Christmas decorations so you can print out cards so the player know what they are searching for.

If using ornaments set up one or two small trees for the game and use non-breakable ornaments so nothing gets damaged.

3. Then determine the playing area, one room or several rooms, a specific outdoor area, etc… We recommend using one room or area as it keeps the kids all together and reduces the kids falling down or knocking something over.

4. Last place the items that are on the cards around the room or game area. Tip consider a room that is not the main party room for the game, this way you can set up the game and nothing will get moved around. Note: Items should not be hidden in boxes or cabinets but visible from the room.

Game Cards: Print out the photos on the computer and then attach to the back of card stock or old Christmas cards. Then separate them into two piles and make sure that each team has the same level of difficulty.

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Find It Christmas Scavenger Hunt Relay – How to Play
1. Divide your guest into two teams and let them know they are going to play Find It Christmas Scavenger Hunt Relay.

2. To play the first person of each team will be show a picture (or given a clue) of a Christmas item to find. Then that person must search the area for that item and when they find it return to the line. You can have them show it to someone to verify that they found it or you can play where the need to bring the item back to the start line.

3. Once the Game Host confirms that the item has been found the next player is shown their Christmas item and head off to find it.

4. The first to team to find all the Christmas items in their card pile, Wins the game.

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Increase Find It Scavenger Hunt Difficulty
Want to make this Christmas Relay Race hard than instead of taking photos of the item, just create a clue that identifies either what the item is or where it can be found. Something worth considering if your kids are older. If you need help with clues – Riddle Me software will help you create riddles for your Holiday Scavenger Hunt.

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