Christmas Left Right Games – Gift Exchange Stories

Gift stealing and swapping are great for adult and office party gift exchanges, however it is tough for kids to understand and enjoy gift stealing and often feelings get hurt. That is why Christmas Left Right games are the perfect for kids gift exchanges. The kids get to enjoy a holiday story and pass gifts left and right during the story and when the story ends they get to keep the present that they have.

Often the Christmas Left Right stories took from existing stories and stuck in Lefts and Rights or people wrote a story that had so many Lefts and Rights that it didn’t make much sense. Well Party Game Ideas worked hard to create new Left Right Christmas stories that are special stories that include Lefts and Rights.

These stories run a little longer at 4 – 5 minutes, but we think that these Christmas Left Right gift exchange games will be ones that kids and adults will enjoy read even after the party is over.

Ernie the Elf & The Special Gift Left Right GameErnie the Elf & The Special Gift
This Christmas Left Right game is a story about Ernie the Elf and his tireless effort to get a Special gift to a little girl. This is a sweet heartfelt story that runs around 5 minutes and has over 50 Left Right gift passes. Learn about Ernie the Elf & The Special Gift

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Funny Christmas Left GamePenguin Christmas Party Left Right
Looking for a funny Christmas Left Right game, well this is story follows Polly, PJ and Percy as they prepare for their very first Christmas party. Getting ready for the party turns out to be challenging and for PJ, who is in charge of the punch, quite messy! Join in the fun and see if the penguins get everything done! Learn more about the Penguins funny Christmas Left Right Story.

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Bible - Church Left Right Story for ChristmasHezekiah & The Three Wise Men
We wanted a sweet Bible Left – Right story that included Left and Right for the gift passing element, but also stayed true to the story of the Three Wise men. Hezekiah & The Three Wise Men is a story of an overzealous little boy who tries to help the Wise Men find Jesus. Please know the story is not a manager story, as the Wise Men came to Bethlehem many months after his birth. This Bible inspired Left Right story would be a good fit for Church groups, Sunday School and Christmas services. Learn more about Hezekiah & Wise Men Left Right.

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Left Right Christmas Story Party Tips
a. Be sure to read the story out loud at least twice before the party. This helps the reader to understand the flow of the story, add unique voices if they wish, and build dramatic pauses.

b. If you are the Party Host and plan on taking part in the Left Right Story, consider recording the story on your phone and then playing it over a portable speaker. If you do this, be sure to read the story slowly and have the recording on your phone so you can start and pause it if needed.

Each year Party Game Ideas hopes to add a new Christmas and Holiday Left – Right games to our site, because it is always fun to change things up and we have a few more story ideas we want to share.

We hope you enjoy our Left Right stories and that they become part of you Christmas each year.

And just so you know, each story has an extra ending just in case your guests end up with the gift they brought.

Merry Christmas! from Russ & Sarah at Party Game Ideas