Printable Valentine’s Image Bingo for Kids

Supplies: Paper, Bingo cards, images, printer, bingo markers (candy hearts, pennies, poker chips)

Party Game Ideas offers 2 different Valentine’s Bingo games and this one is a 4×4 printable bingo game with colorful bingo cards with larger images for kids. This Valentine’s image bingo game is a simple format that works with younger kids.

Printable Valentine’s Image Bingo Cards
Our 4 x 4 Valentine Bingo Game is geared towards younger kids and families. We’ve removed most of the words and used more color and shapes in this Bingo game. Party Game Ideas includes 32 Valentine images that make Bingo fun, a master call sheet for the Bingo Caller and instructions.

Printable Valentines Bingo for KidsValentine’s 4 x 4 Image Bingo 
a Digital Download game

Kids Bingo for Valentine’s Day
3 Bingo Card Packs

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12 Kid’s Valentine Bingo Cards 4×4 $5.95
25 Kid’s Valentine Bingo Cards 4×4 $7.95
40 Kid’s Valentine Bingo Cards 4×4 $9.95

Bingo Games include:
Valentine’s Bingo Cards
Image Sheet & Instructions.

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Valentine’s Image Bingo is played just like regular Bingo but with Valentine images and candy hearts with messages. This game is great for young kids and families to play together. Adults should be ready to help any younger children that don’t fully grasp the Bingo concept. Our printable Bingo Cards come in several Bingo Card packs so you can choose the size need for your group.

Our Valentine’s Image Bingo printable cards are best for line bingo as younger children have a hard time grasping the diagonal and four corners bingo play. Full card bingo can be played with the 12 card pack but not for the 25 and 40 card packs as you will have duplicates.

Purchase the right number of printable Valentine’s Day Image Bingo cards you need.

12 Valentine’s Image Bingo Cards $5.95
25 Valentine’s Image Bingo Cards $7.95
40 Valentine’s Image Bingo Cards $9.95

Tip: Keep you Bingo cards longer, laminate or slip in plastic bingo sleeves.

We also offer a 5×5 Valentine’s Bingo Game
Valentine's Bingo Games - Printable Bingo Cards