Cupid’s Mind Match Game
Supplies: Printable game, printer, pen and paper

Cupid’s Mind Match is a what are you thinking / finish my phrase / match the answer type game.
Each game includes 21 fill in the blank terms associated Valentine’s Day or Love. We’ve seen other games online and mixed this up with some blanks before and others after the word. We even give you options to make the game harder, so depending on your age group you can make this Valentine’s Day game fit your event whether you have tweens, teens, families or adults.

Plus, Party Game Ideas felt that just one Valentine’s Mind Match game wasn’t enough, so we made 3 different Mind Match games so several people can play! And maybe you can use this to match up single friends in a Valentine’s Dating Game type event where the guy or gal is hidden and the person matching the most correct answer is said to be Cupid’s Match.

Printable Cupid’s Mind Match
Comes with 3 different Mind Match games and game instructions.
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Cupid's Mind Match - Valentines Day GamesCupid’s Mind Match
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3 Different Mind Match Games
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Cupid’s Mind Match is perfect for
Kids, Adults and Families

Cupid’s Mind Match is a great Valentine’s Day party Game.

It can also be used for The Dating Game – on Valentine’s Day or Game Nights.
While it can easily be used for for fun amongst couples, kids and as a ladies night activity, we think it would make a great Dating Game type of event where all the single guys and or the single gals try to match up by filling in the blanks. The person who matches the most correctly is then meant to be Cupid’s Match for this mystery person which is then revealed.

What makes Cupid’s Mind Match so great is that kids ages 7,8 and 9 can play it, teens can play it, families (kids & grandparents) can try to match each other and adults can easily play this game.

Plus we’ve included options to make the game harder for adults and based on the ages of the players the game can be innocent fun or just a little naughty.

Game Length – Each game should last between 8 – 12 minutes.
So all 3 games would take 25 – 40 minutes.

We hope you get a kick out of our Cupid’s Mind Match and maybe find true love in the process.