Valentine Card Mailbox Game
Supplies: Valentine mailbox or boxes, Valentine’s cards, left / right story

If your classroom makes or has Valentine’s Day card boxes or mailboxes, then you can use them for this game. If you do not have Valentine card boxes, considering getting those cardboard mailboxes from the craft store and decorate them before the game.

One thing the mailboxes must close or not allow the kids to see inside the box during play.

Valentine Card Mailbox Game Preparation
a. Get the number of guests playing the game and make sure you have a Valentine’s mailbox / box for each child.

b. And determine How many Left / Right story breaks or stories you have.
Note: In the Cupid’s Wayward Arrows gift passing game we have on the site it has 17 breaks, (you might want to pause every other break, so you get a few Left/Rights per turn) so if you need if you need more turns then you will need to create some additional  Left / Right stories that could include Lefty’s trip to the flower shop, candy store or his quest to find a Valentine’s Day gift, etc…

c. Note the goal is that at the end of the last round there is one person with a Valentine and that person is the winner.

d. Now take all the Valentine’s Day mailboxes and place Valentine’s Day Cards in most of them. Note: Each round the kids not receiving a Valentine are out of the game, so you plan how many Valentine’s cards are placed in the mailboxes so that during the last round of the game there are 3 people still left in the game.
Example: If you have 17 kids, you would remove 2 Valentine’s each so that after 8 left / right readings there is one winner.

How to Play Valentine Card Mailbox Game
Gather the kids another and left them know that they are going to play the Left / Right Valentine Mailbox Passing game, this is where they listen to the story and if you say the word Left you pass the Valentine mailbox to their left and if you say Right they pass their mailbox to the right.

During the game you will say Open Your Mailbox – At that time the kids will Open their Valentine’s mailbox and see if there is a Valentine in the mailbox.

If their mailbox is empty, then they are out of the game.
If they have a Valentine’s Day card in their mailbox they remain in the game.

Now have the kids that had empty Valentine’s Day mailboxes set them aside and collect all the other mailboxes and then randomly remove 1, 2, or however many Valentines you need to continue the game.

Now randomly distribute the Valentine’s mailboxes back to the remaining players and continue reading your Valentine’s Day Left / Right gift passing story.

Continue reading the story and eliminating players until you get down to the final 3 players. Then read the last of the Left / Right Valentine’s story and the person who has a Valentine in their mailbox is the winner.
Thanks – Jessica