Valentine Mind Boggled – Word Search Game

5 Valentine Word Search Games that are Boggle Like Fun.

The Wise Owl has created a Valentine’s Day challenge for kids and adults. He’s taken Valentine’s Day phrases & items and placed most of the letters within a 4 x 4 square. Now you and your guests most try to find the most words of connected letters within each square to win the game.

Valentine Mind Boggled comes with 5 games and each has a unique phrase. Players are given 3 (adults) or 5 (kids) minutes to come up with as many words as possible within the time frame given. You can have a winner each round of Valentine Mind Boggled or have 5 rounds and add up the scores. As for scoring, some people score it like Boggle and others score based on each word and length. We give you both options, so you can adjust as needed.

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Valentine Mind Boggled is fun and challenging for kids, families and adults. Party Game Ideas includes 5 Game Sheets and instructions. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

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Valentine Mind Boggled is and easy and fun game. It can be played as a game with a time limit or be given to kids as an after school or in school activity. Plus the fact that you can play this game in just a few minutes means that you can have fun playing and then move on to other social activities. One game of Valentine Mind Boggled takes about 6-9 minutes to hand out the sheets, explain how to play and then score the game. We estimate that playing all five games would take around 25 – 45 minutes dependin gon the size of your group and how you score the game.

Each Mind Boggled game contains a phrase that is relatived to Valentine’s Day. We adjusted the positioning to fit the phrases and in some cases give you more opportunity to make 3 letter or longer words. Extra letters placed outside the 4×4 square in red circles can not be used in any words but help complete the phrase.

We hope you enjoy our Valentine Mind Boggled game.