Valentine Hunt
Supplies: Valentine cards or hearts, pen, places to hide valentine cards

This is like an Easter egg hunt but with Valentine cards or hearts. You’ll need a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards with envelopes or cut out a bunch of hearts out of construction paper, you’ll need about 2-4 per person. If you use cards with envelopes you may want to draw a red heart on each one to identify it as a card used in the game. Now take all the cards or hearts and take about 1/3 rd or 1/4 th of them and set them aside.

On the other cards and hearts write Valentine wishes like:
Be My Valentine, You’re So Sweet, Keep Searching for Valentines!
Keep it simple but fun.

On the Valentines you set aside, number the back of the cards or hearts from 1 to however many hearts you have. Each number will correspond with eight small prize at your party. So if you have 8 hearts you’ll have eight gifts.

Now before the party you’ll need to hide the cards or heart in a room or rooms. Then during the party you can have the kids search for them.

Note: Just in case someone doesn’t come back with a winning heart or card (there should be one prize per guest – at a minimum) have a few extra prizes. It’s easy to say, I guess that I hid the last one a little harder than all the rest, and then give those kids a small prize. Then everyone goes home happy.