Valentine Unwrap the Hearts Relay Game
Supplies: Bag of Valentine foil chocolate hearts, gloves

Have a classroom of kids or want a silly yet challenging game for kids, then the Unwrap the Heart game might be the perfect match. The best thing about this kid’s game is that it you can put this game together in 5 – 10 minutes with items you might have already purchased for Valentine’s Day.

Game Prep Unwrap the Hearts Relay Game
a. Chocolate hearts wrapped in foil – You’ll need at least 1 heart for each player on the team, but can have extras in the bag.
b. 1 paper bag, plate, and pair of gloves per team
c. Set starting line and place where bag of chocolates are located. (10-15 feet away)

How to Play Valentine Unwrap the Hearts Relay Game
a. Divide the kids into teams (2, 3, or 4 teams) and have them form a line. (One player behind each other)

b. Explain the Game – The first player of each Team will line up at the start line and be given gloves/mittens to put on. When the host says go. The first player will run from the Starting line to the bag of chocolate hearts pull one out and unwrap the foil from the heart.

Once the Heart is unwrapped the player places the heart on the plate beside the bag (or you can have the player eat the chocolate – just make sure all the foil is removed) and returns to the Start line where they remove they gloves / mittens and give them to the next player on line. This player must then do the same thing; put the gloves, on, unwrap the heart and then return to the start line. This process continues until the first team has unwrapped all of their hearts.

c. The first team to complete the task wins.

Make the Unwrap the Hearts Relay Race Harder

Here are some ideas to make this a little more challenging.

1. Mix in Hershey’s Kisses, plus don’t let the kids look in the bag to find a heart. Hence they must feel around the bag to find the chocolate hearts.
2. Add Hershey’s Kisses in with the Hearts. Then have Boys unwrap Hearts and Girls unwrap Kisses.