Football Squares – aka Super Bowl Squares
Supplies: Cardboard/posterboard, paper, pen – guests

This fun big game, national championship or Super Bowl party game makes the game exciting even if your team is not in the game. Plus it is a random party game that lets everyone have a chance to win, but the hard part is that you don’t know if your numbers are good or not as it depends on luck and how the teams play. A fun National Championship or Big Game activity when you have lots of people over for watching the game. Super Bowl Squares video below shows you how to play.

If you don’t have enough people for Super Bowl Squares, then consider Game Day Pick’Em, our unique game where guests pick game events like first to score, first penalty and much more. Check out our football Game Day Pick’Em now.

Football Squares – aka Super Bowl Squares
1. Take a paper of cardboard / posterboard and create a 10 by 10 board, so that you have 10 rows across and 10 rows down. You can do this using pen and rulers or print out our free pdf that you can cut out the squares and tape them together.

2. Once done you’ll have 100 squares.
– Some play Football Squares for fun and allow each guest a set of squares. So 10 guests each guest gets to select 10 squares, 15 guests then each guest gets 6 and remaining balance go blank.
– Others have a value to purchase squares $1, $2 or more, so some people might choose to get 10 squares why others might pick up 3 or 4 squares.

3. If you have a monetary value for your Football Squares game, let people know ahead of time that you are doing Football Squares and value of each square. This way if they want to participate they can.

4. When guests arrive, have those participating in Football Squares choose their squares by placing their name, nickname or initials in a square. Note: There are no numbers on the board at this time.  Guests continue to select squares until all the squares on the board are claimed.

5. Once all the boxes are selected, place numbers 0 – 9 in a hat and randomly draw out a number one at a time. Then go across the top of the square and the first number drawn would be the value of the first column. Then select the next numbers for the second column and so on until each column has a number. Now do the same thing for each row going down the left hand side.

6.  Now you need to determine which team’s numbers will be the numbers on top or the ones on the side. Place the name of each team in a hat and draw one to be the Columns and then the other will be the Rows.

7. Now each square on the board has a value. To best understand the value, here is an example.

Before the game the Game Score is 0 – 0. There is a square on the board where Column 0 and Row 0 meet, so this would be the 0 – 0 box. The person who has their name in box 0 – 0 would win a prize if the score was 0 – 0 at the end of the 1st Quarter. As the score changes the winning Football Square changes.

8. As the score of the game shifts the person who has the square shifts, this makes the game fun for all players, even if they are not into football.

We give away small prizes at the end of the:
1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, And a large prize for the Final Score.
If you have a monetary value for squares, consider prizes of 20% for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Q winner and then 40% for the final score winner.

Free Football Squares PDF
Click here for Free Football Squares PDF

You can grab a ruler and pen to make your Football Squares board or you can print out our free football squares board and have it ready in a few minutes.

Football Squares Game

Need more information on Football Squares – aka Super Bowl Squares

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