Football’s Big Game Trivia Challenge – The First 50 Years

See who is your Football Guru and can correctly select the winner of the first 50 Super Bowl games.

We’ve revised the format of this game to featured the first 50 Big Games. So now this game We’ve created a printable Big Game Challenge Trivia game includes every Big Game from I to L and the Answer Key for you.

Big Game Football Trivia ChallengeBig Game Challenge
a printable game
by Party Game Ideas

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Do you remember who won the Super Bowl?
Big Game Challenge Trivia Game Games 1 – 50  
Answer Sheet – Winners & Scores of Each Game

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Our Big Game Challenge Party Game comes with the game sheet and answer key, so you don’t have to do any research all you have to do is print and challenge your family, friends and guests to see if they can correctly identify the winner of each Super Game from the very first one to the 50th game in 2016.

This Big Game party game about the biggest football game of the year works well for any Super Bowl party and you can play as an individual (as intended) or as teams so the kids can play too.

How to Play:
Hand out the game and pens to your guests, ask them to circle the winner of each Big Game and give them 5 minutes to complete the task. for fun you might want to include a two-minute warning.

Remind them to include their name and complete the tie breakers.

Once 5 minutes is up have guests trade papers. Then one by one reveal the Big Game Winners and have guests mark or circle each answer that is correct and strike a line through any that are wrong.

Upon Completion of revealing the Answers do a dramatic countdown.
Raise your hand if you have a sheet with 5 or less Answers Wrong.
Hopefully you’ll get a bunch of hands in the air and then ask them to keep them raised if they have 4 or less, 3, 2, 1 or a Perfect Sheet.

You’ll end up with 1 Winner or if you have 2 guests tied use the total points for this year’s Big Game as a tie-breaker. Have fun and have a super party.

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