Free Valentine’s Day Word Search 
Supplies: Printable game, printer, pen and paper

Word searches are a great way to keep kids and adults entertained. Party Game Ideas decided to make our Valentine’s Day Word Search our gift you!

Our heart shaped word search contains 32 Valentine’s Day terms. Words can be found up, down, diagonal, forward and backwards. Just download the free Valentine’s Word Search, print and you are ready to play. It looks best in color, but you can print it in black too.

Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search
Free Valentines Day Word Search - Printable Game

Free Valentine’s Word Search
Click here for Free Valentine’s Day Word Search

We hope you enjoy our Valentine’s Day gift for you and have fun finding the Valentine’s words and phrases in our heart shaped word find.

And yes all of those words are in the word find! We have people emailing us that they could only find 30, but remember some words are diagonal and backwards! This should keep kids busy in the classroom, as a contest / games and just as an after school activity. Have fun and enjoy.

Valentine’s Word Search Game Options

a. Individual Play – Hand out game sheets, first person to find all 32 words wins.

b. Group Play – Divide guests into teams. Play as Valentine’s Day Word Search Relay. Establish a start line and a desk or table where the word and a pencil/pen is located. The team lines up at the start line and the first person from the team goes from the start line to the desk and they sit down to find a word. When they find the first word they circle it, cross a line through it and head back to the start line where they tag the next player.

The next player heads to the desk to find another word and once they do, they circle it, cross a line through it and head to the starting line. This continues until the first team gets all the words in the word find. FYI with 32 words this could take 20-30 minutes.