Printable Football Party Game Day Pick’Em

Predict 27 Football Game moments to win this unique football pick’em party game.

Add some extra excitement to your weekend football game, Super Bowl, CFB Championship, Playoff or Bowl Game viewing party with our printable Football Game Day Pick’Em game. This football party game with have guests picking which team will “Score the First Touchdown” or “Make the First Sack.” Correct answers more players down the field and the first one score wins.

This printable football party game includes 27 game questions and players will need 15 correct answers to win. Questions include events that will/can happen throughout the big game and in case of a tie, we included tie-breakers.

This is a great alternative to Super Bowl Squares and can be played with 2 or over 30 people. You just need our Game Day Pick’Em game, competitive friends and a football game!

Printable Football Party Game Day Pick’Em
Party Game Ideas Game Day Pick’Em football game is the perfect viewing party game, where the plays on the field decide the winner of your party game. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you.

Football Party Game Day Pick'Em Printable Game for Super Bowl and Football Games

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Our football party Game Day Pick’Em game is perfect for Super Bowl parties, College Championship game, Bowl Games and football playoff games. This is the perfect party game to play along while watching the football game. It also is a nice alternative to Super Bowl Squares games. We recommend you play this game for fun and bragging rights, but some may want to have each player throw in a few bucks in order to play. We created a unique football party game that should be fun and entertaining to play during your football watching party.

You can also Play as Teams!
Divide your group into teams and then each player makes their picks on their sheet. Then play Game Day Pick’Em during the game and every player that scores during the game adds to their team’s total. At the end of the game total the score to determine the winning team.

Like Super Bowl Squares, Game Day Pick’Em is a game that plays out while you watch the football game.

Prior to the start of the football game, guests/players fill out the Pick’Em sheet by choosing which team they think the statement will apply to during the game. Questions include “First to score a touchdown,” First sack of the game,” and “First penalty.” Some questions apply to the first half and others to the second half of the football game. This way there is interest to pay attention to the entire game. Plus with our scorecard you easily keep track of who is in the lead and closing in on victory.
Super Bowl Party Game Activity During the Football Game

This party game can be played at any football watching game, but is often played at Super Bowl parties, National Championship watching parties, Bowl Games and Football Playoff Games.

Click here to purchase our Football Game Day Pick’Em game. Enjoy challenging your football party guests and Thank You letting us scare up some fun during your Super Bowl or football watching party!